Borderlands 2 OP Levelling

can anyone help boost me to OP8 today?

Did you find anyone To help you do hope you the Op missions? I still need help with missions five through eight.

you have to be 4 people or else it will be almost impossible so its hard

I’m already OP LVL 4 and have one person to help me I just need a third

i can help too

What’s ur gamer tag?

Will you be on today?

Xx T3RRIER xX i play borderlands 2 allot

im on now

If you can add me my gamer tag is savior117x

Weird I can’t find u

added you but its very late so i cant play today

i can but wouldnt be so smart

It’s 345pm by me I’ll try to be on earlier tomorrow just send me a friend request anyway

Did u do op missions yet?