Borderlands 2 OP levels

I’m level 72 Mechromancer and would like help with the OP levels
PSN name is morerevenge

the first op level is easy.

I’m at OP1 looking to make OP8 with my Axton. Feel free to add me, PSN ID: mld-81

Since I posted last I’ve been able to complete the 1st and 2nd levels of the gauntlet. I should be able to do the 3rd and possibly the 4th, but I’m certain I’ll need help after that. If you want to help or just join me, my PSN is morerevenge

i have a OP8 Siren OP5 Gunzerker and a OP2 Mechromancer

Dang. I’ve only got one character to hit level 72 so far. Your more than welcome to join me haha.

Alright so i now only need help with OP 4 to 8

Alright, final update on my request for help; i actually no longer need it. I made it to OP8 solo. Thanks anyway though.

Hey can you help me level i literally have no one to play with GT Basco2actual15

What character do you play as? If it’s a Siren i could help you rather easily, if not we may want to find a Siren.

Are on Playstation or Xbox? I can’t find you on Playstation.

Looking to get to op 10 and finish new dlc anyone want to join in psn kazekage216. I’m lv 72 assassin