Borderlands 2 OP8 Hyperious - Farming for Norfleet help wanted

Trying to farm Hyperious for the Norfleet and I was wondering if anyone would help me out takes me a fair bit to by myself but if I could get a hand that’d be great, I play on PS4 and my PSN is Baconboi275 help would be very much appreciated c:

Hey @BaconBoi276

I’ve noticed in the past that listing your character choice (or a list of available ones) tends to heighten the chances of some one having their interest piqued.

Best of luck!

Cheers for the advice I’ll keep that in mind in the future c:

I only transferred one character over from my PS3 version of BL2 and that’s my Salvador and I mostly use DPUH + Grog and Off hand Pimpernel + Miss Moxie’s Creamer. So if anyone’s interested, should shoot me a message and we can arrange to do some farming c:

thanks again

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