Borderlands 2 or the PreSequel?

Hey I am just about to get the Handsome collection and I was wondering whether I should play the Presequel or Borderlands 2 first. Please advise.

If you played the original BL when it came out, I’d go BL2 then TPS. Actually, I’d recommend doing that even if you haven’t played the original BL, but I’d also recommend going out and getting BL1 and playing it before starting either of the other two :blsmirk:

I am actually making the switch from BLT to BTHC.

If you care about the story, then you should go BL2 then TPS because BL2 takes place first chronologically.
Also, almost all the mechanics are the same between BL2 and TPS, but the introduction of butt-slams, lasers, and cryo make it more difficult to adjust to BL2 after playing TPS, so I’d start with BL2 anyway.

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Not to mention double-jump boosts. Don’t know how many times I’ve screwed up in BL2 after playing TPS because I forgot I could no longer double-jump…

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That’s not true. TPS is called “The Presequel” for a reason. The events in TPS lead to the events in BL2. (Chronologically: BL1 -> TPS story -> BL2 -> Athena telling TPS story in TPS.) BL2 was released before TPS, but you’re talking about the chronology of the story, not the real-life game releases.

Edit: Unless you mean the outer narrative shell takes place after BL2, which it does. Now I’m not sure. Personally, I’d play BL2 first. I have a hard time returning to BL2 after all the floating, double jumps and slams in TPS. I’ve come close to leaping to my death in BL2 when I’ve tried to double jump. :blush:

Yep, that’s what I mean. Besides, TPS has major BL2 spoilers.

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The events of the pre-sequel takes place after Borderlands and it’s expansions but before Borderlands 2. It is told from a flashback narrative style though from Athena (the gladiator class of the pre-sequel). It documents Jacks rise to power as well has his dislike of bandits, and the vault hunters specifically. If you have not experienced the borderlands story then you should start with BL2, the Tiny Tina DLC, then play through the pre-sequel.

The story was never a main focus of Borderlands, but let me just say, there are moments in BL2 where I about through my controller through my tv and vowed to personally choke the life out of Jack. If I had not played through Borderlands it would never have happened. My buddies that I play with were all stunned. Gearbox Forrest Gumped their way into one of the greatest, if not the greatest, video game villain of all time.

True. You’re right. I give in. :slight_smile: BL2 should be played first.