Borderlands 2 patches to fill the gap until Borderlands 3

Haha thank you ! Please show this list to anyone that plays BL2. It would be awesome if Gearbox makes this a reality

I mentioned a while ago about having farmable quest rewards. Was probably in one of the B3 threads. Its amazing how much detail you’ve gone into and I merit you for the list.

But alas, there will be no devs left in this game, and all those changes are a major rework. Probably one or two working on the technical support.

HOWEVER: These are the kind of things the devs need to read, so when Borderlands 3 comes out, we may get this as a reality. Having to reset UVHM just to farm 1 quest reward is pretty ridiculous. Having the chance to go back and farm quest rewards would be a great addition. And considering that the hard core players will do the game and all DLC with multiple classes makes this idea even better.

And I personally would love to see them take the development plan on the same line as Destiny. I don’t want multiplayer stuff in it, but co-op activities like The Reef would be awesome. Turn Digistruct Peak into a RAID like activity which you could be rewarded Pearls or very rare RAID gear. Huge potential, just hope the people coming up with the story and ideas have the vision. They could add Underground Dungeon activities reminiscent of Rage. I really hope they go all out on this.

I’ve played Borderlands 2 since day 1, like a lot of the people in this forum, and I would love to see a much longer development plan, bigger and better ideas, and most importantly, QUALITY OF LIFE for the player.


Like most of you I’ve been on bl since day one and love and have huge respect fot the game. But recently I’ve had a go on destiny just to have a break from bl, and although I can’t compare the two at all, but I would definitely love to see complicated raids in bl3 on the scale of kingsfall. But rather 3 team raids not 6 as 6 can be hard to get people together.

I’d definitely welcome strikes and raids to bl3 and with the different classes bl raids could be really fun and challenging

You know! Could be seriously fun. Destiny is super polished and the PS4’s finest game IMO, but sure as hell lacks the awesomeness that Borderlands does. Just have to run around co-op with Gaige or Krieg to realise that :smile:

I love playing co-op, so if they could build in proper server based multiplayer stuff it would just take this game to a new level.

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It’s a shame like you said, there are no developers left with Borderlands 2 as a project. But in a way, I don’t really see this list as a resurrection of BL2 but more of a BL3 preview taste. And like you said, they should see this to understand just the simple concept of farming that the game lacks :slight_smile: . I thank you for your compliment though haha !. They should really take a page from Destiny’s book, yes. But personally somthing that bothered me in Destiny is the fact that solo is necer really an option. I know that the main story line is considered solo and I enjoyed it up until Venus I believe, but then the ammounts of raids that I could not do because multiplayer made me look the other way and return to Borderlands al together. Gearbox should definitely give the option for raids, pvp etc. But it should not have a main focus on multiplayer like Destiny. Again, I would like to see raids on 6-player difficulty kinda like Vorac, but I want to be able to tackle them myself if I think I can do it :slight_smile:

I think that major raids as said on the scale of kings fall would in my opinion be a huge benefit to the game. I personally think it is the way forward, the raid bosses on bl2 is not much of a challenge you roll up with a team of 4 it’s done in 2 seconds if you have a zerker. Bl3 needs to be more challenging balanced with the fun that’s at the core of the game.
I definitely don’t want to see a bl3 that’s basically a beefed up bl2 looking good. I just wouldn’t buy it and I love the franchise with thousands of hours spent in it, if it doesn’t rock it’s not getting my money.

You should also add having no-beard from the Scarlett dlc respawn. He’s similar to the bagman in that he has a chance to drop the stinkpot, but never respawns. Otherwise a lot of these changes are awesome, especially having quest rewards be drops and adding badass challenges to the headhunter areas. Maybe they could add cult of the vault symbols too. I’m not really a fan of making more raid bosses, especially not badassasaurus lol. I think there are more than enough raid bosses as it is imo. Other than that, great list and I hope gearbox sees this. Also maybe they can finally fix the hole in the map in tundra express next to tiny tinas home

I placed No Beard’s deop under Grendel since Oasis is the hub of this dlc (kinda). So that is why ^^
first time i hear about the hole though. Could you tell me where it is so i can check tonight after work ?
Cult of the vault would be fun, the reward for getting them just isn’t worth it

Didn’t read through all of it, but here’s a like and I’ll sign.

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Can’t blame you ! Thank you !

Oh yeah, I didn’t see the stinkpot on there, sorry. This is the hole I’m talking about. I think it is on the left when exiting tiny tina’s home.

Lol this would be the worst thing ever. Between being unslaggable, resistant to all elements, and reflecting all projectiles bar rockets, this guy is one of the hardest things to kill in the game, I’d never fight him as a raid boss :open_mouth:

Overall this is a great list with some fantastic ideas, I particularly like respawnable mini-bosses in the DLCs with associated drops, but I don’t think they should drop uniques that are exclusively obtained as mission rewards. I’d like to see alternate sources for loot from crowded pools though, like The Warrior’s five loot drops, The Hive and Invader, and weapons like the Skullmasher which are very long farms, like how Sparky Flynt is an alternate source for the Thunderball Fists.

Best idea here IMO, this must happen.

I’d like to see the uniquely named Orc Warlords have a chance at dropping the Ogre, it’s one of the bitchiest farms in the game.

He does have a chance to drop the Bone Shredder, but a one time chance at something that’s very easy to farm otherwise isn’t good enough. Perhaps he could drop the Orc instead.

The Slagga drops from the Handsome Sorceror, another farm that’s not worth it as it’s a very long farm and the alternate farm in The Dust is pretty simple. I like the idea of the Slagga and Maggie dropping though, as you can only get one per character otherwise. Unless you farm the Handsome Dragon…

I think the idea of HH bosses being possible raid bosses is unnecessary, the time trials challenge of killing them at OP8 with OP0 gear remedies this idea I think.

This needs to happen! I think he should drop the CC ironically as it’s the best weapon for killing him, the same way Voracidous drops the Interfacer which I find ironic for the same reason.

Overall this is a great post, we’re still a long way away from BL3 yet and we had a patch for BL2 last year, I’d love something to keep interest in BL2, it still has a large playerbase but these ideas would give us die-hards even more incentive to keep playing and farming! Well done.

I would have never found that xD is this gap there from launch ? the more you know. I will add it to the list this afternoon, thanks !

Thank you for your time and effort for reading and pointing out a few things. I really appreciate it ! :smiley: please allow me to conclude your ideas so I can revise the list a bit:

  1. Unique Orc Warlods dropping the Ogre would be great, back when I made this list it seemed easy enough to get but not everybody loves CoS missions so that addition will be made.

  2. Some legendaries added to multiple lootpools also seems cool and a major role for the HH packs. That at least is my vision on unique gear as well. Besides the Conference Call on Craw, what would you like as well ? :slight_smile:

  3. Does the Slagga really drop from the Handsome Sorcerer ? I thought he has the exact same drops as the Warrior. That’s why I assigned it in the list xD.

  4. Arguk is pretty foggy in my mind. I need to have some more gametime with him to judge his drops.

  5. Last but certainly not least: Badassasaurus the ultra ‘you will cry’ Invincible. My mind is set on having him ruin my day xD sorry haha.

Edit; what’s your idea on the CHOPPER ?

Damn it lol, I meant Handsome Dragon. Yeah Sorcerer has the same loot pool as Warrior I believe, my bad.

OOOHH that’s a good question, Dexi is an expensive and long farm. Hmm, I’ll leave that one to you. It might not be a great gun, but seriously I wonder how many people have actually farmed it, not because it’s a sub-par weapon but because Dexi.

Perhaps UBA Witch Doctors could drop it? They’re rare spawns and tough as ■■■■ at OP8, plus they spawn during the wave before Dexi which is a common OOO farm as well.

Edit: OOO and Vermi should have 100% chance to drop the Twister and Norfleet, respectively, they’re insanely long farms as is and Vermi in particular is crazy rare and hard to kill plus the ammo consumption just to spawn him.

I really forgot about the Handsome Dragon dropping the Slagga. Maybe because I never really farmed him for it :slight_smile: . I will change the Slagga into something different.

Maybe Dexidious spawning can be reduced to 5 eridium per furnace, making him cost the same ammount as any other invincible besides the dragons. The effort to fill all the furnaces should be torture enough if you ask me. If he is then given a 100% drop rate for the CHOPPER, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Vermivorous and Omnd Omnd Ohk though. The spawn rates can use a little buff but if there is a 100% on getting a Twister or a Norfleet, then that would be solved if you asked me.

One more thing, because I’m happy another veteran joins this post:
I thought about a few legendaries that could also be assigned like you mentioned earlier. What is your pool of choice on the following:

  • Infinity Pistol
  • Sham
  • Nasty Suprise
  • Fastball
  • Conference Call ( Can drop from Craw like you said )

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s been there since launch. I don’t think they would have patched in something like that lol

Ah the Sham is another one I didn’t think of, it and The Bitch are in crowded pools and tough farms, it would be nice to have them drop elsewhere, and the Nasty Surprise I always forget that Vermi can drop that too. I’d leave assigning the drops up to you, but I do think that crowded pool drops should have secondary sources. I’m not sure about the Infinity or Fastball, they’re quick and easy farms, though most are I guess.

While making this list I kept thinking 'Not to easy’
But then I realize Savage Lee and his lootpool exists xD

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After thinking of all the time I spent getting one of each Fibber, yeah farmable quest items would be a dream!