Borderlands 2 PC - Adding PhysX, HD textures and more graphic and control options possible?

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As the game is running great now on HMDs beside the Oculus, is it possible to add the mentioned graphics options?

For granted it will eat up more GPU/CPU performance, but for high end machines it would surely be doable.
Physx was enabled in the 2 D game and looked great, as well as dynamic lights and reflections.
The same goes for the HD texture pack, wich is unfortunately not included in the free BAMF VR DLC.
People are already trying to implement own .ini settings or graphics mods with mixed results. Having the options ingame would be great.
As every headset offers a different field of view, some players in the Steam forum wish for an option to have the different HUD menus farther to the edge of the screen.
The same goes for more options to customize the controlls. SteamVR offers functionalities to do so outside the game, but it is finnicky and not very intuitive.

A long list of wishes from a small niche of players I know, nevertheless it would be great to see the game tweaked a bit more.

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Lets not forget ,please can we get directional movement fixed to the controllers and not the hmd we need this to see whats shooting at us when we are going up stairs or just walking in a straight line admiring the scenary rather than walking along like a drunk man

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The texture pack works, you just copy it in from flat borderlands 2.

As for free locomotion style movement…you can enable that too, at least on the rift.

Lastly any other tweaks like enabling physics or visual options can be done by tweaking ini files.

This stuff was all disabled for PS4 VR… It’s a mystery why they didn’t enable it for PC considering most of us have significantly better than console hardware

So your saying physx can be enabled via .ini settings?


Note that the values for setting physx low…high are 0…2

Can someone confirm if this actually works or not ? I’ve tried myself and so far the results are not great. No physX, and I’m pretty sure the HD textures ain’t working. Sometimes my touch controllers don’t show at first in the menu , it says to hit a, like for a controller.