Looking for some players to play borderlands 2 with! PS4 maybe starting up a squad to role with and do missions together add me on PSB X2KProdigyX

Hey there. You originally posted this in the Homeworld section. But Ive moved it to the PS4 Online Play and Trading section of the Handsome Collection. Youll find more players here.
Welcome to the forums and happy looting! :smile_cat:

I wouldn’t mind creating a character from scratch for team only leveling. Like use different characters when not in party. My psn is shielsyy35

I’ll join! I’ll be starting up new characters anyways for a fresh start but my psn is NinjaPython42

ugh, shouldn’t yall have put a bl2 and tps subsection for each console family?

I’m sure there is a reason they didn’t make them seperate. I can’t provide that answer, however. Maybe @Jeffybug could?

Im game to start from scratch add me LtSpanky1990

Anyone want to help me I’m on the mission “where angel fear to tread” level 19 gunzerker psn koolaidude121

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