Borderlands 2 Power leveling Request

Hello, I played Borderlands 2 on the xbox 360 and because how the cross saves work, I couldn’t bring my Salvador over to my PS4, so Im looking for someone to power level me back up to 72 on PS4
PSN: Get-Smaed

I can help you

That will be of much help. Thank you

Hey are u still power leveling others? I just don’t feel like grinding to 72 again.

Yeah I can help you

Is there anyone on Xbox one or 360 that could power level me?

Do you think you can power leveling me? I have xbox 360

hey can you help me also? my psn is devaunte340

Can I get some help as well, PSN: DatGuyWhoDied

Can someone help me power lvl siren to 35 psn HyDefHero

I would appreciate help pwr lvl too

Still helping people?

Do you mind power levelling me on xbox.