Borderlands 2 / pre sequal / 1

hi all I’ve come up with something i think would be pretty fun for a month if game devs allow i think all characters should get a 50% buff to all ability and skill for lots of mayhem for a month on borderlands 1 2 and pre sequal for every one and i think the worst characters ea axton Roland fragtrap and kreig should get a 75% boost instead to try and make them a bit more playable in raid bosses and such love the game but would like some CHAOS before the Awesome mayhem in September i have pre ordered it because favourite game series.? just a thought would love to see .:grinning::blush:

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I disagree to Axton being weak. With a solid build he’s quite strong enough. Fragtrap is plain fun and Krieg takes some practice, but I wouldn’t call either of them weak…

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yes but compared to the other charecters in raids bosses and such the are quite slow the hole idea was that there would be chaos for a month before borderlands 3 releases and all charecters would be playable and anyone can play hum every they want and have chaotic fun in bl 1 2 and pre sequal sorry