Borderlands 2 / pre

Still cannot find people to play, second time I bought this set up, first time I thought it was a fluke, so I bought the digital copy. And still the game I’ve spent sooooooo much time on I cannot play with any one what gives… any one else… I’m on Xbox One.

Are you just looking for an open game? What level/mode?

Anything… I’m at lv64. And can’t find anything not even if I start a new character.

Same with tps

I play on weekends and durring the week if I get off work at a reasonable time. In fact I’m about to eat dinner and probably hop on TPS. I’m level 70 if you’d like to join for the XP.

GT: BTK420247

there is a glitch that can affect match search and joining games (that has never been patched/fixed by gearbox yet), it affecets me several times a week.

that being said, I’m on everynight, so is VaultHunter101 and several others, when match search works I have seen almost a dozen games available to join, other times I have to refresh the search a ½ dozen times before I see available matches, but they are there

@BTK420247 I’d think about joining you, except I’m downloading Doom, and it’ll take at least another 24 hours to get the last 11gig downloaded (suckbutt internet provider but have no choice available)

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TAPOUTxCANUCK is my gamer tag.

I’m still new to the Xbone but I think I sent you a friend request

ok ill check it. im in ontario Canada, so we maybe on a different time

When it seems like things are acting fishy, I quit the game (via launching something else or … home, menu, QUIT on xbox one controller) AND RELAUNCH the game. Sadly the connectivity is buggy in the handsome collection. Better than it was, but… oh well. Sometimes you have to put someone in your friends list and vice versa for it to be more reliable. Also, it seems more reliable if you relaunch the game fresh after turning off your console.

This is one of the biggest reasons I’m really looking forward to the next Borderlands title.

Also, worth noting, games with gold in March this year is going to give away Borderlands 2 via backwards compatibility. I might try that out just to compare connectivity and graphics and such.

Adding you.

man i wish, when i do find a match it only lasts until the player or leader
travels out, and then i get booted,

TAPOUTxCANUCK is my gamer tag, please add it up

Hey, I don’t play TPS that much, but I do play Borderlands 2 more often. I’m probably gonna try doing some power levelling in TPS, then I might check that out. Still getting used to it though :laughing:.