Borderlands 2 problems

My borderlands disconnects me everytime i try to play and get my characters and i need help figuring it out cuz im tryin to play

Some clarification would help:

  • Handsome Collection BL2 or backwards compatible 360 BL2?
  • Disk-based install or digital purchase?
  • Fully signed in before starting game?
  • Any messages or prompts?

Its the digital game and ive uninstalled it and everything its the regular edition and everytime i start it up its disconnects me and i have an open nat type

If by “regular game” you mean the straight BL2 that recently became available as a backwards-compatible title, then try this possible fix:

If it’s the XB1-native BL2 installed as part of the Handsome Collection, then you might need to contact GBX support: