Borderlands 2 PS Vita issues

Hi Gearbox Software :smile:
As you know IronGalaxy make Borderlands 2 on PS Vita but they broke the game :-/ They lie to us and sell non complete game! They said on tweeter that next updates and DLC is up to You and SONY :blush: -D
What we ask is: Can you make patch that fix some issues in game? We love this game on Vita and Cross Save with PS4 is awesome! But, useless if we don’t have all the same contents on both consoles :frowning:
Please make missed DLC for Vita and make this update that allow us to play and make platinum trophies on Vita :smile:
You make a complete game on PS3 and PS4. Make patch or DLC will be ease for You :wink:
Here I post some screens from games with bugs and glitches…

This area is only available if we use Cross Save betwen PSV and PS4:

In this area we cannot get Trophy “Gadabot” Map is broken and area name not show in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty :frowning:

Here is broken sky in location from DLC Campaign 2 - Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

Please can You fix this game for us? Please Gearbox, Please…

Next issue is on latest Update: When we start game with internet connection game is crash on start:

Slaged enemies don’t have any effect that they slaged :-/


I can’t complete Gadabot also because of this bug :frowning:
The following parts can’t be discovered:

  • rust cog settlement
  • dreg scrapyard
  • marooine’s clipper
    It woud be awesome ik this can be fixed.

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You guys are luky. I dont get even further than lvl 10 and my game starts crushing every 5 minutes. But not only the game, even the whole vita fails. Ive got a new one and all other games I play run perfectly. So what is the point now? There are patches but none of them help. I literally want my money back cause you guys have sold us ■■■■… We should sue the publisher for damages… I cant return the game to the shop, cause it is already “used” for like an hour.


I finish game on PSVita twice and crash only two times on first play :wink:

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I played with two characters (Salvador and Maya) and neither, since the last update, it is impossible to exceed Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, the Vita freezes completely, not just the game! I open no menu while I play, I do not even dare to go to a distributor, but the game still freezes!

Also, E-tech relics don’t transfer due to a glitch.

Update: a patch was made and now they transfer! Game only glitched once. I van’t believe I can play this huge of a game anywhere, it made the Vita worth every penny.

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Any news about new update? Still game have some glitches…

I’ve had enough of it something’s gotta be done, can’t even play through a mission without having to ‘slow down’ …The game takes forever to load as is, so i wanna blast through enemies as quick as possible to move forward.

Guess I’ll look into the next game I buy from these gearboxes to make sure I can play it without wanting to throw my Vita at the wall.

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I have this problem too, although seems to be fixed a bit. I will play for about 20 minutes and then when i access my menu via select the game freezes trying to load the weapons. Sometimes freezes just because it feels like.

I noticed travelling between maps frequently allows me to continue playing with no worries, but then I do have to wait for the textures to load before I feel confident in progressing