Borderlands 2 PS4 FPS stutter/freezing/screen tearing

Is any one else getting random frame stuttering whilst playing Borderlands 2 on the PS4? It can happen at anytime during the game whilst fighting or just walking around. It feels as though the frame rate goes from about 60 right down to 1 for just literally about a second. Not tried the Pre Sequel yet but from what I have red I have a feeling that that will be ten times worse. Apart from this, Borderlands 2 is running great.

have to agree there, but whoever remasterd the PreSequel really messed it up bad, Bl2 isn’t so bad, it is playable and enjoyable, but that PreSequel is just too aggravating on the eyes and frustrating. It was funny watching guys run thru walls or the enemies that would be half in the floor or walls where when you try to shoot them all you do is hit the floor or wall and they are still coming after you, what the heck

when lots of enemies BL2 framerate drops a bit for me, but hardly anything. Presequal is a mess though, just cannot play that at moment as so many frame drops and sluggishness when just one or two enemies on screen.

Washburne Refinery slows down a fair bit for me. Other than that, most of BL2 seems pretty smooth. Load up your PS3/360 version and compare…