Borderlands 2 ps4 popup gobetrotter trophy

hi guys i have a problem with the globetrotter trophy popup on ps4. I played in co-op with a friend and he got the trophy and me not, I always tried to co-op a second session with a new character but no pop trophy in the first session he also glitched explorer highlands, this jumped into the second game session but nothing to do for the globetrotter trophy. does anyone know how to solve thanks

Make sure you’ve visited all the locations. There is a location in Southern Shelf - Bay that you need to visit by yourself, there is no mission leading there.

Yes i vist all location with 2 match you see as soon as you enter on the left there is a drifting ship i vist

Here is a full map, it’s not just a ship with bandits, there is glacier area on right with Bullymongs.

This area is a most common miss, but there could be something else.

I have a notebook with all the places I have visited, nothing is missing even the explorer trophy of the highlands did not unlock it in the first game but only in the second run with a new character, the maps were perfectly highlighted all 3! I finished the game with two 100% different characters But always in Coop with a friend of mine who is unlocked at the first hit all the trophies I had problems with these two trophies that were not unlocked in the second Run either I read that it must be done a single run but honestly doing a third single run is simply a break 15819452599194132346915955350261|690x388](upload://n8LtsKoKzX1dDL0UzfxRwGVg74t.jpeg)