Borderlands 2 PSVR and the Aim Controller

EDIT (3/7/19): Borderlands 2 VR has AIM controller support in the new update and you can also disable the floating crosshair now!

I’ve been waiting for a Borderlands (1) VR port for a while now and it looks like Borderlands 2 will be getting the VR treatment this December!

I have a PlayStation Aim controller and in my opinion it is probably the best way to experience an FPS game. Unless I am mistaken I understand the PSVR port of B2 won’t be coming with aim support. With the new slo-mo abilities that I’ve seen toted for the VR port, plus just the fact that Borderlands is a crazy wild shooter, I think the aim would be a no-brainer and a perfect fit for the game(s).

If you’ve ever played Farpoint or Firewall Zero Hour with the aim, or if you have an aim controller I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Regardless I’m very excited for December 14th!