Borderlands 2 question

What are the best overall weapons for each class; and how do you get them:

Assault rifle
Rocket launcher

I don’t care if it’s opionated, I’m just curious

In general, at higher levels, Krieg and Axton like explosive weaponry, Gaige likes shock weapons or weapons that utilize Close Enough, the others three don’t have a specific preference but Sal can turn bigger mags into stronger money shots, Maya can boost mag size with Foresight, and Zero can take advantage of big hitting weapons coming out of Deception.

The bee shield has to be taken into account with some too unfortunately.

There’s a lot of great weapons in each class so it’s easy to say “oh but you left out…” I’ll likely be doing the same on my own post when I read it again.

Pistols: Harold, Grog, Lady Fist, Stalker, Hornet
Shotguns: Interfacer, Butcher, CC, Ravager, Quad, Coach Gun, Orphan Maker, Sledge’s shotgun
AR: Bekah, Kitten, Hail
SMG: Sandhawk, Bitch, Plasma Casters (bandit and Dahl not so good), Florentine, Tattler, Baby Maker, Avenger (latter two for Krieg and Axton more so for Tediore chucking)
Rocket Launcher: Norfleet, Badaboom edit: Topneaa
Snipers: Pimpernel, Lyuda


Ok thank you, I appreciate the information you gave me, I didn’t know each character had a preference.

At higher levels the character’s skill trees make some things more effective than others. Otherwise, all six would play very similar. That said, most of what I list above will work fine with everyone because of their general overall strength. I did leave out shields and grenades but those differ more because you often want a specific effect and not to kill something with it. Much of this is not worth farming at lower levels and you can use more generic equivalents.

Grenades: Stormfront, Fastball, Quasar, Magic Missile x4, Chain Lightning Slag Transfusion, Slag Singularity

Shields: Blockade, Antagonist, Bee, Evolution, Neogenator, Sham, Roughrider, Roid Shields: Hide of Terra, Love Thumper

Oh ok, what if I’m a OP8 psycho, commando, and gunzerker?

I’m not, but I plan on being it someday, never hurts to know what I need before I do it

I would just enjoy your play time learning the characters and how you like to play them. All are quite versatile and can be setup in different ways. I wouldn’t worry about endgame builds because you can always respec so it’s not like you have to build up
to something. There’s lots of info in the character sections of these forums and @Derch has a community badass video on his YouTube channel where he provides links to knowledgeable people on each character. For example, if you want to learn more about Axton, you should check out @DemoniteBL 's channel.

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U can respec???!!! And ok thanks

You can respec at any quick change station, the most used being in Sanctuary, but there are some in other areas too. Since in game money isn’t that relevant, you can respec basically anytime you want.

Wow, lol, mind is literally blown right now