Borderlands 2 questions and help

Hello everybody! My name is Fabrizio and I am new on this forum so it’s a great pleasure to be here!
I have a few questions and requests regarding Borderlands 2 :smile:
So, I am at level 51 and have 999 Torgue coins but apparently when I try to buy a legendary (especially the Double Penetrating Harold) I only see level 39-41 legendaries and not 50 or 51.
Same with some legendary drops around the game. I get legendaries from level 40 to 46 :frowning:
Do I have to restart the game with the Ultimate Hunter Mode or is there something I am missing?
And here’s a little request: does anybody have a level 50 Badaboom rocket launcher? I farmed King Mong like 100 times and just got a level 40 one which is not as powerful as some purple rocket launchers I have.
Lastly, here’s my PSN ID name: Proppottone
Add me and let’s play together!

Cheers to everyone!