Borderlands 2 Sandhawk Question

Is it possible to get the perfect sandhawk without using gib? (Flying + full Dahl parts) If it is, how rare is it to get it?

The Sandhawk is a quest reward and so is easy to obtain. However, to get the part combination you want, you would have to do some type of quitting without saving, which is annoying to do on console. If you are on PC, it shouldn’t take you too long to get the variant you want, as you can save right next to the quest giver.

Yeah I do the quest item farming trick from Bahroo. Do you know the chances to get each part? I’ve been trying for about 6-7 hours and i was curious on what the actual probability of it spawning. I’ve been getting perfect stopping sand hawks but not flying.

I don’t know the odds, but they are not in your favor. It’s random, so it’s a statistic problem of the odds of a Dahl part and flying on each piece that can spawn with x number of parts. Is there that much difference with a perfect Stopping? Seems like it’s not worth the hassle if it’s already taken you that long.

Okay thanks, it’s just that i would prefer the bullet speed over extra damage

It’s nice if you can get a shock Flying one, but as noted above the odds really aren’t in your favour. There are too many elemental options, too many parts, and too many accessories! If you really really want one and are at max level, you could keep plugging away at it. I’m just not patient enough for that though.

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Yeah Ive only ever gotten two perfect quest legendaries period :/. The chances are just too low. Mostly for mine I traded. But the people I got em from probably just duped em and knicked my gear xD. But ye Id focus on just getting flying and an element. Dont worry about the parts too much.