Borderlands 2 shift code display name internal error

So I have been playing B2 for a long while now on pc/steam and after the latest update, I can’t access this game from more than one computer. It loads up semi-fine and then it gets to the point where it asks me for my dang display name and gives me the internal conflict error… So what’s going on?! :frowning: :triumph: :rage: :angry:

I’m having the same issue!!! WHAT IS THIS? It’s so frustrating, someone please help us because I can’t play the game…

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, please submit a support ticket here:

Just as a follow-up: try using the shift web site to change your display name to something different:

I’m having this same issue right now. Has a solution been found?

Have you tried making sure you are fully signed out on all systems except for the one you’re currently trying to use?

If that doesn’y matter, all I can suggest is to file a bug report using the link above.

Same error. Nothing helps. Opened a ticket on gearbox :frowning:

It looks like this issue is caused by one of two things:

  1. Issues with Terrado on PC (which is used to facilitate IPv6 addresses with NAT for chat purposes)

  2. Issues with Windows Defender blocking the game even when it should be disabled. (Check in the Advanced settings for the application specific settings)

If you need instructions for either of these, there’s a similar thread over in the BL3 PC support section.

  1. Issues with Teredo on PC - sounds like nonsense. Does the game uses IPv6 addresses?
  2. all unblocked.
    An issue with SHiFT must be related to their broken code.

same issue please help

There appears to be an issue with the SHIFT servers atm, judging by the number of folks posting about it across all platforms in the BL3 sections. You may need to just wait a few hours and try again.