Borderlands 2 Singleplayer PC crashed tried everything

I really hope yall don’t have to search the entire thing and you will be able to list to find the stuff easier because its walls of text. I have been trying for 18 hours to get this game to work and I tried every possible thing. I’m starting to assume its a hardware issue but how can I make sure? PHYSX.|i5 4460|16 GB DDR3|2 GB GTX 750| Sent DxDiag file Crashes randomly and always at boom bewm.

DxDiag Link:

Extra notes:

It freezes on solid color and audio stutters then it gives out and you can’t click or do any shortcut on PC and which forces you to unplug it.

-All other games like Skyrim Minecraft Warframe FighterZ etc work

-Half the RAM is not working but my computer still works with 8gb RAM

-Even with everything on low (I have everything max) it does the same thing

I will edit and list the recommended fixes as people answer and will finally edit fixed when it works:

-PHYSX is switched to cpu

-PHYSX always on low

-PHYSX software deleted

-Reinstalled drivers

-Have newest drivers now for GTX

-Reinstalled entire game

-Verified game cache

-Made compatibility Windows XP Service Pack 3 after trying Windows 8

-Submitted DxDiag to support and this reddit post and gearbox fourms

-Have the right Framework and Visual C++ versions

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There are a few threads with similar problems, and solutions that have worked for some. For starters, I’d take a look through these threads:

^ Curious about this - you mean that half the RAM in your computer is actually dead, or just not being accessed?


Likely dead ram and thank you very much for your answer.!

I’d probably replace that before spending any more time on diagnostics - always good to eliminate as many obvious faults as possible.

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Download and boot memtest and let it run overnight. If you see ANY red errors, then at least one memory module is bad. If you have more than one module installed, then test them individually.

Either one of these will work.

MemTest86 is newer. Just get the free version.



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Also, it looks like dxdiag says you have the 368.39 NVIDIA driver installed. That worked fine for me with Windows 7 and a 650 Ti Boost in 2016, but I wouldn’t want to use it with Windows 10. The latest driver is version 431.60.

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Yeah I switched to the newest one now. Went back thinking it was the issue.

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Will do memtest

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So I had a problem with the video memory crash on my 2070 when trying to play in native res which is 1080p. But the game has yet to freeze on me when I have it in 4k dsr mode. Idk if this will help anyone else but it helped me. Ran it at highest settings and it still works though I play with physx on low just to be on the safe side

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I wonder if this is a side effect of the 4K/UHD textures that were added to the PC version of the game? And now also wondering if can turn them off whether native 1080p will work again…


No sadly it doesnt have to do with the 4k/UHD textures as I didnt download that update. Maybe its was just me but I figured I should get this out there to see if it helps anyone else


This has been a pestering thought of mine. I have no way of knowing or testing. It doesn’t seem to be a switch that can be turned on/off. If I’m wrong please tell me.

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Looks like the only way to disable is to uninstall the texture packs and not re-download them.


I will look into that. If I can uninstall I will.

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Everything is fixed I did memtest86 and made a whole new windows 8.1 so I switch between 10 and 8.1 windows (8.1 has borderlands installed on it). I’ve been at it for 3 days but now I can finally play the amazing game before borderlands 3 comes out then play both.

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