Borderlands 2 Skin/Head/Badass Rank Bug

From researching around the internet, this bug seems to be quite old (first instances dating back to 2012). However, I’m experiencing it now.

I recently set up an account on Xbox Live in order to play online and purchase DLCs for my account rather than playing co-op with my brother (who has Xbox Live). Prior to that, I worked my Siren and my Mechromancer up to level 50 and collected numerous heads and skins. I even collected the “Pretty in Punk” Siren head in Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage while playing co-op, and it was the current one I had been using until now.

After setting up my Xbox Live account, I started up BL2 but then received a message on the main menu screen stating I had a slot in the previous Borderlands game and I received Golden Keys and new heads/skins. However, I had received that message a long time ago. The moment I got the message I knew it was the same glitch I had been experiencing in Borderlands TPS.

In TPS, I have a lvl 50 Lawbringer and one day I recieved the message stating I had slots in the previous games, then played the game and I lost my heads and skins. It happens constantly when I’m playing TPS, and it’s become so much of a bother that I haven’t played TPS in a while.

I resorted to BL2 and had not recieved the same message until today after I set up the Xbox Live account. When I entered the game my badass rank tokens were reset and I lost a few of my heads as well as skins. All the vehicle skins are gone too. This is the exact same thing that is happening in TPS.

I don’t know exactly what caused this bug, but it happens every time I start up BL2 or TPS and it won’t go away. I know a fix has been released a few years ago to clear the bug, but I don’t know if it applies today. Please give me some feedback so this bug doesn’t occur.

EDIT #1: The two items I had stored in the secret stash have disappeared as well. I also received 11 Golden Keys for some reason.

I’ve never had it happen to me (fortunately) but contacting the Gearbox Support staff is what everyone else that’s had this problem has done…