Borderlands 2 solo play through advice

Yo I’m doing a solo salvador run with only drops from this tune. I was wondering if any experienced sal player can give me advice like what to farm besides raid bosses and what i should ne looking for. Thanks and i appreciate any advice given. But please no just play the game beacuse I’ve played it on all toons except sal but those i had help when needed and as the title says it is a solo run. Thanks

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Get a slag rubi or a slag grog nozzle, that is a must. By holding a rubi in one hand and a high damaging weapon such as a DPUH in the other, the massive damage you do from the DPUH converts over to heal you as well. This allows you to tank raid bosses with the right builds.

I’m a huge Deputy Sal fan. My recommendations are to get yourself a ROM(Rustler’s Orphan Maker) from the Pirate DLC. it’s a mission reward. I dashboard farm that reward for perfect parts. matching grip, hyperion stock with no sight. Keep it in Sal’s offhand, and the curse will not negatively affect you. Seriously OP with Sal. Rubi in the main hand(Slag preferably) will keep your health up as you pop shots off from your ROM. Any Jakobs shotty would do well however. it doesn’t have to be a ROM. ideally, you’ll want the ROM tho.

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