Borderlands 2 solo sal play through advice

Yo I’m doing a solo salvador run with only drops from this tune. I was wondering if any experienced sal player can give me advice like what to farm besides raid bosses and what i should ne looking for. Thanks and i appreciate any advice given. But please no just play the game beacuse I’ve played it on all toons except sal but those i had help when needed and as the title says it is a solo run. Thanks

In normal mode, the only thing I would really recommend is tipping Moxxi for the Bad Touch SMG just before you head to Heroes Pass at the end of the story - nothing like a good healing corrosive weapon. All other farms are IMO totally optional in NVHM since they’ll all be level-locked to the maps anyway, and farming for one is going to make you more over-levelled. The quests that give blue uniques are worth taking though, since you’ll get them at about the level you want a boost.

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A bunch of good weapons come all at the same time : Striker & Heartbreaker in particular. The Rubi comes around that time. Triquetra and Roksalt are great SG’s are are worth dashboarding one with matching grip.

The Neo shield is a relatively easy farm - but it comes up near the end. Level 28 at a guess. Otherwise my first choice is an adaptive shield with the highest possible health boost but will go with an absorb if it’s significantly better.