Borderlands 2 suddenly getting stuck creating session or updating session

I have been playing with my friends online lately after weeks of convincing them to join me and all of a sudden today I can’t even go online in game as it gets stuck on a loop of loading and creating online session or updating session, this is sad, such a simple function broken.

Here’s some extra info on what I’ve already tried: Restarting, reinstalling, VPN, disabled my firewall, relinked my steam and shift account, disabled crossplay and nothing helped. the only thing I tried that helped was playing my account on my friends laptop and the game worked flawlessly.


Having the same problem… Hope there will be a fast fix to this. Really pissed about it.

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Hi guys! I have intalled the game again (Epic Games) and I can’t set my SHIFT name inside the game (I have a SHIFT account) and if I try to change my session (the game is always on disconected mode) to play online with my friend, I can’t (infinite update screen)… I changed my firewall settings with no results.

I don’t understand, my friend can play perfectly and see me online but he can’t invite me.

Thanks in advance and best wishes!

Same here, I cant play with my friends,
It’s incredible that this is still happening to the game after so long…

Wow…yeah I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to figure this out. Super lame. Reset my firewall…router…everything. Glad it’s not just me.

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Same issue here. Not even able to play local LAN. We were able to join an online session on 1/18/21 with no issue.

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Same thing here. Started happening about a week ago on and off. Please fix.

Experiencing the same issue. I’m specifically having the loop that says “Creating online session, please wait…” anytime I try to select an online mode. According to SHIFT’s most recent Twitter post from 6 hours ago as of 1:47am 1/21/21 (link below), they’re aware of the issue and they’re working on it. Hopefully in the morning or afternoon it’ll be fixed.

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This issue is becoming really annoying now. I`ve been playing BL2 for years on PC and never had any problems, but for the last six months have been suffering this ridiculous problem where it states “creating online session” I waited over fifteen minutes and still not connected. In the end I had to force shut down my PC to free myself. Why is this happening? can someone please explain.
Cheers guys

You should be able to press alt+f4 to force close the game.

It is working for me lately again.

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What did you do for fixing it?
I have the same problem.
Creating Session loop at borderlands 2

Must be your network…your router or firewall it’s currently working fine, servers are up and running. Try reset your router.

Im still having issues with this now…any tips on how its fixed?

up! same problem, help me :cry:

I’m guessing you’ve already checked your firewall settings and restarted your router/modem?

One additional thing you could try is switching your session (see the screen shot a few posts up) to Offline. Start the session, wait a bit, then quit it and switch back to your usual setting. You may also want to try clearing the game’s temp cache. (There’s been a problem on XBox for a long time where the game will sometimes load up stale session data instead of starting fresh, generating a similar connection failure mode.)