Borderlands 2 The Handsome Collection

So, it seems like this game isn’t the best. I have a level 72 OP8 Maya character. This is my main account and so I transferred her over from PS3 to PS4. I logged in and was thrilled to see that something was wrong. I have 0 ammo in every gun even my infinity pistols. I thought nothing of it. I goto the ammo store and I start clicking “X” it shows up with ammo and then quickly disappears, I takes my money tho. So ultimately my game is messed up, FIX THIS FU*#%*^ GAME. Thank you.

I’ve never heard of that happening before. What happens if you start a brand new character on the PS4 - does that one pick up ammo ok in Claptrap’s place?

If a new character works fine, I suggest you try filling a support ticket. Link can be found starting here:

Yes. I started a new game, and the ammo pick up works. But I really loved my Siren OP8 lol. It’s just idk what went wrong, she’s not a modded account or anything of the sort. It sometimes says -2.14billion ammo also.

Wow. Sounds like something glitched on the import. I’d try the support ticket route, and see what they suggest.