Borderlands 2 Trade

Looking for a decently parted OP8 Ogre assault rifle and decently parted OP8 Butcher shotgun. Willing to trade whatever I got depending on what you want. Also looking for OP8 Twister, Greed, Stinkpot and Cobra elemental Jakobs weapons. Twister can be Hyperion stock or Tediore stock and decent scope and Stinkpot can have Bandit with an accuracy accessory and decent scope. Please message here or message me on PS4 GeneralGero. Thank you.

Read forum rules first

I do not understand. There is nothing I’m doing wrong here sir. Please explain.

Yeah, I’ll say this. Unless you want this thread locked, remove the bit about the duping. We don’t take kindly to anything like that on these forums.

I’m not having a go or anything, I’m just giving you a bit of friendly advice.


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