Borderlands 2 UCP - 3.1 Bloodlust/Hellborn Krieg

Getting back into Borderlands 2 since i got a PC with the community patch. Since editing builds is one of my more favorite builds i decided to see how good this could be. I was thinking of using…

:fire: Flame of the Firehawk (obviously)
:fire: Heartbreaker/ :fire: Butcher/ :cloud_with_lightning: Twister
Grog Nozzle (Or possibly any other recommended pistols?)
:cloud_with_lightning: Flourentine/Plasma Caster
:radioactive: Kitten/ :radioactive: Lead Storm
Chain Lightning
Legendary Reaper or Toast?


You may consider speccing one spare point into Pull the Pin instead of 1/5 Flame Flare, since some of the guns you have benefit from Grenade Damage boosts.
Otherwise, I’d say it’s pretty solid for OP8. :smile:


Yeah, i just love me some elemental weaponry and DoT’s. And i did a test run through Bloodshot Stronghold and found myself having some difficulties staying on fire without the one point in Flame Flare (boosted by the Torch COM)

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