Borderlands 2 unreasonable region lock


I’ve been trying to battle an annoyance that has struck the Baltic nations (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) when it comes to Borderlands 2 and I hope this will deter such things from happening again.
For some reason when Borderlands 2 was launched it was put on a region lock for the Baltic nations along with CIS states (google it) although the Baltic nations are in the European union not in CIS and have never been in CIS.
On this thread a 2K Customer Service Manager says that it and any region locked games for the Baltics were mistakes and have been resolved (region locks removed) but that hasn’t happened for Borderlands 2 on Steam (Valve).
I addressed the Steam community managers and Steam support, they all say that 2K is responsible for the region lock and can change it on Steam with the developer’s tools.
I’ve contacted 2K support, they acknowledged my problem and said to have the problem noticed by more parties I should post it on the 2K and Gearbox forums so I’m doing so. I hope this many year long annoyance gets resolved finally.