Borderlands 2 vip weapon rewards

ok so i just got 4000 points and used those points to get a norfleet, but never got a notification saying when it was going to appear in-game. my question is, how long does it take for a weapon that you redeemed on here, to appear in your borderlands 2 game?

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Almost instantaneous far as I can tell. You don’t receive a notification but if you boot up, enter the SHiFT menu, it should show there as a reward


ok ty for the reply. i just checked my shift menu and it said it was in game.

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Great. Just make sure that you load your character with the right level first as the character you load up first has your new Norfleet at their level. Better don’t load up a level 1 with a Lv 1 Norfleet (or do if you want to^^).

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You need to restart your game

Still waiting for my pitchfork…

The lil text on the screen says it may take 2 hours for things to ripple through the systems, so hang tight.
And of course you always need to make sure your console/computer is connected to Shift to have the transaction recognized.
I’ve found over the years that it can take a minute or two for the Shift connection to be made in BL2, and in BL-TPS it can take substantially longer.

And to re-emphasis;
If you accidentally launch and click "continue " with the wrong character You Will Be Sad.

I had the Norfleet at the very start if the playthrough, so I was ok with that. Twice I’ve gotten rockets that can also kill me.

I do want the Zane stuff, but idk if I can get enough points for it.

yea, just redeemed 12k credits for 3 items. credits taken away, game restarted, system restarted, waited 2+ hours. no weapons and no credit of it doing so in the “unkock legendary Borderlands 3 weapon” section. yet in my profile it shows that I indeed confirm and had credits removed. what the smeg?

Hi! I spent 4k in a Conference call and nothing happened, it could be any problem if you get it from the spin machine before? :slight_smile:

I spent 22k last week on a heap of stuff and website shows the deduction in points, still nothing in game.

Received the norfleet from season one 2 hours after purchasing for points, so confused.

As I mentioned in other topics, on Aug 27th VIP site had some issues and I guess still not working correctly in case of providing rewards to the game. You need to contact support.

How can we contact with the support? There is nothing over here…or maybe directly at the game?


Hi, i used this and i’m waiting to see if it solved.

Please post any further reports of similar issues in to this thread: