Borderlands 2 VR, coming to PSVR December 14th!

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Some words from Brian Burleson, the producer for Borderlands 2 VR.

First Look at Borderlands 2 VR, Launching December 14

How Gearbox brought the acclaimed shooter-looter (shlooter?) to PlayStation VR.

Hello, travelers! Today marks the first day that we can finally talk about Borderlands 2 VR! It’s a moment we think will have fans joy-puking their faces off.

It all starts December 14, when Borderlands 2 VR launches on PS VR. And we didn’t just cram Borderlands into a headset and call it a day – we did copious research into how VR plays best to update the experience so you can now fully sink your eyes into the wild and mayhem-filled world of Pandora with new VR-specific mechanics and skills!

Borderlands 2 VRBorderlands 2 VR

As soon as we brought the game to PS4 as part of The Handsome Collection in 2016, our brains immediately began cranking on how we could bring the experience to VR and take advantage of PS VR’s capabilities. We all have spent years immersed in the world and these characters, so we were excited to utilize the PS VR to bring everyone in even deeper.

The biggest new feature of Borderlands 2 VR is our take on bullet-time, called “BAMF Time” (or “BadAss Mega Fun Time” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). Activating BAMF Time will give you the speed and reflexes of a rabid skag, allowing you to dodge bullets, pull off 360 no-scope headshots, and even use your Action Skill to fight off hordes of bandits, bullymongs, and whatever else Pandora might throw at you.

Borderlands 2 VR

The original four playable Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2 are back, along with their special abilities and BAMF-modified skill trees. We added in BAMF Time upgrades to previous abilities, like Zer0’s “Death Mark,” which marks targets for additional damage but now also restores two seconds of BAMF Time per marked kill.

And since Borderlands 2 VR is a single-player experience, we updated previous skills that relied on a co-op partner, such as Maya’s “Res” ability, which now is called “Empathy” – causing Phaselock to deplete half your current health, damaging enemies based on how much health you lost, and doubling healing during BAMF Time.

Borderlands 2 VR

Another new twist you’ll find in Borderlands 2 VR is the fact that for the first time ever, you’ll be driving vehicles and racking up the roadkill count from a first-person perspective. While accelerating and steering with the PlayStation Move motion controllers, players will be able to aim the vehicle’s guns with their headset. Experience firsthand the sublime exhilaration of driving one way and looking another! Lose yourself in the roar of the engine, the Pandoran landscape, the wind and viscera in your hair as you mow down your enemies—all from the comfort of your own home!

We first introduced the lawless and chaotic world of Pandora with Borderlands in 2009; and with Borderlands 2 in 2012, we set out to deliver more guns, more action, and even more awesome. The response from the community was overwhelming and humbling. We think it’s that mix of action, humor, style, and heart that added up to Borderlands’ own brand of fun. To now bring that spicy special sauce up-close-and-personal in a VR world is beyond what we could have ever hoped for all those years ago.

Borderlands 2 VR launches on December 14! We’re excited to go back home to Pandora for the holidays, and we hope you are too. All aboard the poop train!

And now, a trailer!


Why do I get the feeling that a Moxxi VR porn ad will launch Dec 14 and 1 second?


Quick question - how much of BL2 does this include? You mentioned the original four vault hunters, but what about the different modes - is it just original vanilla BL2 (NVHM & TVHM) or does it include UVHM, DLCs, OP levels…?



For now this is just the original BL2, no UVHM, DLC, or OP.



I need therapy.


Uhh… why on earth wouldn’t you start with PC and branch out from there?

Now you have to boost the graphics and settings and everything when you release it on PC. If you’d have started with PC you could just downgrade the graphics quality with a menu for consoles and called it a day.

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This looks and sounds cool. I’ve never been too keen on VR tech, but I’d definitely want to give this a spin. The article only talks about the original four, I wonder if they’d go so far as to port the rest of the material. I’d love to hit Wam Bam Island or any of the other dlc maps in VR, and I wonder if they could give you a little more control over Deathtrap with the Move controller (similar to minion sweeping in the Overlord games).


I’d try it, assuming my old PS3 motion control stuff works on a PS4


Well with having looked very little into this, and without it being a finished product, I still want to say the first 2 things that came to my mind.

  • I see Gearbox has learned nothing from 2K Australia. Replacing Res, which is one of Maya’s strongest skills, with Empathy. Which will not only have absolutely atrocious scaling, but it will also put you below health gate every time you use it. I pray this isn’t what I should expect from BL3, as it’ll probably be the death of the franchise for me.

    • And yes I read it will have no online coop. Still doesn’t excuse that abomination of a skill based on its description.
  • And it seems like another cash grab, doing whatever they can to milk what’s left out of BL2. Which I would totally be fine with if we just had one BL3 teaser trailer, as this would be an effective way to hype it up (the ambiguous tech demo doesn’t count). But with it being 6 years after BL2, 4 years after TPS (which GB didn’t really work on), and the misgivings I have about the company after Battleborn; I hope you can see why I might be a little salty.


My biggest takeaway is the time slow,looks cool,but I think is a stark contrast to the speed and feel of what Borderlands as a whole is. Could be just me though. Also no co op? That is unacceptable,I’m on PSVita where it is limited to two players,and that still is rough for me,but it’s portable so I’ll live. :grinning:


There’s a comment on the original article mentioning that numbers may be against the work involved in making co-op possible. I don’t know if that actually pans out (or how many 2-player local co-op titles PSVR has with similar levels of detail/modelling/effects), but it might be informative if there’s any verifiable numbers available on PSVR adoption rates.


Skill trees will include BAMF-specific modifications and improvements as well.

Well if it allows me to teleport, I’m in.



@Jefe my poor Hellfire brethren. :joy:


The scaling isn’t clear: “damage dealt as a function of how much health lost” doesn’t say what the function is, or how it scales across levels/modes. I’ll wait for the PSVR nerds to complete their analysis before passing judgement :nerd_face:


True, but I made sure to mentions those caveats when made that post. And as such it doesn’t explicitly mention that there will be any “function”, so I have to go off the 1:1 it’s implying. Not to mention that I hope we all know how bad it is to be below health gate in the OP levels, and that down side alone probably won’t merit even Cloud Kill levels of damage.

The playable characters are my favorite part of any game, and they are the linchpin to my enjoyment. So the downside alone is enough for me to despair a little, as “soon” I’m going to expect the next evolution of vault hunters. Meaning BL3’s are gonna have to beat or at least rival characters like Jack, Krieg, Nisha, etc… And a game changer like this look like a regression, even to BL2’s standards.




I play Krieg.

I play Krieg…

I’m going to be spending my Sundays trying really hard not to throw a remote through a TV as I get winded over flailing about six dozen times in order to go through the first phase of an Invincible.

Good to go. Sign me up. Stocking up on dramamine as we speak.


Honestly, BL2VR was my dream game ever since I got into vr. I can’t even explain how much I like what you guys did here, while some people might not like some of the changes, I love how there are actual attempts to fit this game around vr rather than a game like Skyrim vr that makes no attempts to make the game vr past the controls. The only issue is, I don’t have PS4VR, or even a PS4, I have an HTC Vive. I really really hope you guys look into porting it over to the Vive because I can’t really justify getting a ps4 and ps4vr components for one game.

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Could make getting behind shielded nomads easier…


Not to sound cynical, even though I am a much more cynical person that the tight knit lovely community that has stuck around with this franchise for so long, I still wanted to point something out even if you weren’t referencing me.

The changes weren’t implemented because of the adaptation from a standard video game to VR. They are changes because for one reason or another, this game has failed to adapt one of the biggest reasons people love this franchise, and that is the coop. Just the other day I had a blast playing the original with @Kurtdawg13, and now that will be a thing of the past. No more raiding with friends, trading loot, helping each other through difficult content, etc…

So not only are they thus far bad changes, but changes of a product that removes “half” of what makes Borderlands a standout franchise. And that’s from someone that almost always plays solo.


Oh yeah, I definitely understand where you are coming from. However, I mostly played this game single player just because it can be a bit of a hassle to actually get a game running with a few friends and have the game last, at least in my experience. The issue I see with multiplayer is that not everyone has vr so it would be even more of a hassle to get a group to play the game with, unless you have a dedicated group to play it with. Also, this is just speculation, but I imagine developing multiplayer games in vr is a lot harder due to more precise movements, and I can’t even begin to imagine how the player models could possibly render without looking incredibly stupid. Imagine Salvador but with noodle arms and whenever he crouches he collapses into himself. Though I guess you could argue that that’s no excuse.

I guess I just personally never viewed the game as much of a multiplayer game to begin with, but I can see why that can be such a big deal to some people.