Borderlands 2 VR, coming to PSVR December 14th!

Hey folks! Been a while! I saw the news about the VR port and also ran a poll on twitter to see what resources folks would like me to work on in prep for the release. The Skill Tree Builder got the most votes with interactive maps being a close second!

A few months back I was working on bringing forward the Skill Trees from every Borderlands game however it got put on the back burner while I focused all my spare time on some Destiny resources like the maps page.

Once I get back from MIGW I’m going to get back to working on this and @MentalMars and I are currently investigating what changes there are for the VR version. So look forward to it! :slight_smile:


Really excited to hear this game announced…then really disappointed it won’t support the aim controller. I hope this is changed, as it would easily be the best way to play the game. Game would be a day 1 purchase for me with aim support, without it I’ll maybe get it when it’s cheap in a sale down the line.

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I have multiple consoles as well. I just don’t want to get a VR peripheral for something I rarely, if ever use. There is another reason, but I am not gonna say what that is.

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Dope Playstation Theme.


Melee Maya using a Hellfire against a Loader? What game is this? :confused: :laughing:

Still… very well done for live action. :clap:


For some reason, despite the multiple announcements and everything, my brain hasn’t recorded the small part “Playstation only”.

Oh well.


Pretty sure they picked that weapon skin cause it matched Maya’s outfit. :wink:

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Hoping this sells well because I want Gearbox to do well…but I won’t be participating. Hoping BL3 is announced not too long after 2VR’S launch.

From what I have seen this is because PSVR is the number 1 selling VR unit on the market now. It has over 3 million units sold. Also, I bet Sony helped fund the development of this version which is why they have a 5 month exclusive.

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3million?! There are over 150million VR users out there. Most of them are PC.

According to this source, Sony has 43% market share, more than double the nearest rival:


So combined, there are more on PC, but that’s a fragmented market. From a developer point of view, if you wanted to get into the VR market without having to split across multiple implementations, PSVR is looking pretty good.


Wondering if there is going to be a category for the BL2 VR discussion on the forums?

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There’ll likely be a tech support category, at least. Since it’s vanilla game with tweaks, I’m not sure about a discussion category? That would be probably be up to @GeekVersusNerd.

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It’s not about the market share…

It’s about how many are PC… Sony makes the HTC VIVE which is unarguably the best VR headset on the market and even has options for budget-minded people wanting to just get their feet wet or business-level investors.


That’s where your fallacy comes into play.

Just because Sony ALSO makes PSVR doesn’t mean it has anything at all to do with how successful or used the PSVR is. Most people I know are moving away from consoles and embracing the fact that PCs have better graphics, better quality and are cheaper to upgrade than consoles. So, really… trying to hedge a bet on consoles right now probably isn’t the best idea.

As VaultHunter101 stated, since BLVR is a vanilla game with minimal tweaks, to avoid redundancy it will not have it’s own category in the forums. That said, we can definitely add a tech support category.


PSVR Gameplay


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