Borderlands 2 VR, coming to PSVR December 14th!

(In Vino Veritas) #21

If it doesn’t have co-op, and that is an if (so far as I know), it won’t really affect my decision to buy.

I’ll genuinely be buying the VR set just for it as I never had a reason to prior to this. Also, for some reason I don’t know, VR gives me CRAZY motion sickness.

Would I enjoy co-op? Yeah, definitely. But it won’t be a dealbreaker for me, and it wouldn’t have edged me over the line to make the purchase either way. The snippets (like the slowing down of time) shown in the preview, proves that this game may offer functions not available in the original, and I’ll be seeing Pandora in a far more immersive light than I may have before.

Yeah, it would be neat for me to be able to do that with a friend, but while co-op would be a major aspect of my decision making in purchasing an FPS/RPG in the vain of BL2 (original), it really wouldn’t weigh heavily on the VR experience aspect of it. I want to be immersed.

Also, this could be a way to introduce a single player modeled BL to a portion of the population that may have avoided it as a game which benefited heavily from being played as a multiplayer experience.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #22

I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

@khimerakiller anytime you want to coop, I’m down. I know it was the original last time, but how bout some RAID’ing on BL2. :grin:

(mattsprettycool) #23

Unfortunately, it was directly stated that it will be a single player experience.

Also just to reply to what you said earlier, based on wording used in the announcement, you can only play as the original 4 vault hunters, at least at launch. So you can’t play as Krieg, unfortunately.

That just begs the question, will we be getting any dlc included in the game? BL2 released in 2012 so I don’t really see why not, but if the dlc doesn’t come in the package (which given that the game is $50 instead of $60 I can somewhat understand) will we have UVHM? Will the level cap be 50? I guess we will find out soon enough given that the game is releasing relatively soon.

(Is this thing on?) #25

(mattsprettycool) #26

Oh thanks, that slipped past me

(In Vino Veritas) #27

Originaly 4 you say?

Guess I’m going with my man Zero.

(Bacon Overlord) #28

So… BL2VR for PC? You probably should have started there, but… when will that be coming?

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #29

Personally I’d think that wouldn’t be much of an issue with at least Borderlands. Very little (if any at all) requires precision when it comes to the players and their models interacting with one another.

They already do this regularly, lol. I can’t really find a picture, but I believe for salvador this happens when you crouch while Gunzerking and look straight up.

And I don’t see why they have to relay that much info about the character models to other players anyway. They already cut corners with things like each weapon type only having one reload animation, even though there are 5-8.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #30

But we want Borderlands 3 :sleepy::sleepy: or a new DLC from 2 or TPS or Maybe a remaster of 1 will do.

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #31

I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Why is this a thing? Who the ■■■■ asked for this?

(Santa Söze) #32

I don’t know what the fuss is. This is clearly a novelty thing. If you happen to have VR and it isn’t exorbitantly expensive (though it probably is), then it would be an awesome bit of fun.

It’s content is limited for the exact reason that it could never compete with the original format.

Problem is, it will likely reach very few people as it’s only available on one platform and very few people have VR.

(Over Lord01) #33

You took the words right out of my mouth. I guess GB doesn’t like the word “teaser” or “remaster” or “BL3”. Thats my guess.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #34

Yeah, i feel this is a step backwards. The last thing we don’t want to hear is Borderlands 3 being cancelled because of poor sales of Borderlands 2 PSVR.

(Isthiswill) #35

I feel like Gearbox & 2k are helping Sony build the library for their VR platform. The more AAA titles, the more value is added to it.

It boosts the brand profile for Borderlands & generates buzz. Also, now that they have a grasp on VR the potential for extending that tech to Steam is a logical next step after a period of time. It also means any tech used may very well be slated for use in future titles.

In a nutshell, this was a great opportunity for R&D and PR, so long as people don’t interpret a net gain as a loss by fixating on things they wish they had instead of the nothing they were expecting at this point.

(mattsprettycool) #36

Why does everything Gearbox does have to be accompanied by “where is bl3”? Like, I want bl3 just as much as the next guy but just because they make a vr spinoff doesn’t mean they are bringing bl3 production to a halt. They likely got a good deal with sony to make the game, and had some interest in making a vr title.

But I’m sure that every time a member of gearbox looks at a post begging for bl3, the game just skyrockets in quality and comes out quicker. I’ve “waited” for years for bl3 and I can handle “waiting” a few more years to get the game. I know some people are arguing that the game might be in “development hell” or whatever, but seriously, just wait and see.

(Geomason) #37

It works, I’m using it in VR games on PS4 pro

(Is this thing on?) #38

I very much doubt that factors in at all. Largely because it would be a known thing going into the PSVR project that this would be a limited subset of the PS4 market, which is in turn part of a much larger one (all consoles + PC/Mac/Linux). I think @Isthiswill pretty much nailed it.

(In Vino Veritas) #39

I will have to respectfully disagree, as I genuinely don’t see the correlation.

I have somewhere between 0 to no idea how GBX games are financed, but from a general financing perspective they’d have financial entities (not limited to banks) tripping over themselves in order to get a cut of BL3. It’s been clamored for since 2014 (at the VERY least, and I am being generous given the BL2 release a 2 year grace period).

Project financing in many companies doesn’t mean; ‘we have a big pot of money from our last project, let’s use that on this one’. It can be a complicated system of debt and debt payment as well as immediate injection. It could be completely the latter, it could be completely the former. It is most often a combination of the two.

On the absolute worst case scenario where BL2VR doesn’t sell a single bloody copy and is so despised that later generations equate looking at it to opening the Ark of the Covenant, it still wouldn’t so much as put a single nail in the coffin of BL3.

Project financing can be an exceptionally intricate thing, and it usually deals with a risk/benefit analysis that tries to minimize risk and maximize profitability using some pretty standard equations and projections.

Some times it can be no more wise to pay for a project up front out of pocket than it would be to pay for a mortgage or car in one lump sum payment. Some times it is so sure fire that you’re pretty much putting money in the bank.

And that is assuming the worst case scenario. The reasonable scenario is that they atleast break even while regenerating some manner of hype for the BL franchise all the while targeting users that may not have played the original. And the best case scenario is they get well within in the black in their end of year statement for the project and they’ve got a nice little supplement to their current pot.

I don’t see a hint of gloom in it.

Again I don’t know how GBX or 2K are financing this thing so don’t quote me.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #40

Gearbox appears to have a bit of a curse that comes with having a highly successful franchise in their portfolio: no matter what happens, if it’s not the release of BL3, tons of people will complain about it.

Gearbox: “Here’s a new game based largely on BL2, but with some new characters, maps, and game mechanics: The Pre-Sequel”.
Tons: Not BL3
Gearbox: Check out Battleborn!
Tons: Not BL3.
Gearbox: Check out 1v1!
Tons: Still not BL3.
Gearbox: Check out We Happy Few!
Tons: …so not BL3.
Gearbox: CEO got defrauded out of a lot of money!
Tons: …yeah, but BL3?
Gearbox: Check out BL2 VR
Tons: Not BL3
Gearbox: Influenza pandemic has the entire crew out for a few weeks.
Tons: So… BL3 delayed?
Gearbox: Meteors destroyed all of our production facilities; we barely escaped with our lives.
Tons: Right, but what about BL3?


(Is this thing on?) #41

Yeah, but at least GBX staff know what to do if HQ is attacked by zombie hoards…