Borderlands 2 VR, coming to PSVR December 14th!

…BL3? :laughing:


/checks prices of PS4s

Also, is no-one drooling from the side of their mouth about the possibility of BL3 having native VR and singleplayer BAMF mode on release? I mean, that could be a thing. And yes, I am drooling.

Like, I almost never submit to wild unfounded speculation but…


Damn you guys! all this BAMF talk, I had to look it up. “WTF are these guys talking about?” so, this is all about the sound of teleportation, with origins in comics of Nightcrawler? or is BadAssMuthaFacker?

I’m still at a loss…“Single player BadAssMuthaFacker mode”? huh?
"Single player Sound of teleportation mode? Whaaat?

I also want to point out that @Adabiviak nailed it! :laughing:


Pretty close :wink:

Although, really it should be teleportation :stuck_out_tongue:


Whohohohoaaaaa! That sounds FarkinBadAss, or to quote a funny member @Kitty_Jo “What is this Fuckery?” lol


BAMF time is neat. It slows time down.



Which is kinda like teleportation if you think about it :smiley:


No offense man but having no word on anything for a long time will make people ask that anyway. It will happen. Its makes people frustrated, very frustrated.
You can’t dangle a carrot in front of people for so long and expect them to wait it out for a long time without any word or hint about things. People are not going to be patient. People can wait it out but to a certain extent then they might drop it all together if this “waiting” continues on it current course. At least give a mention, and im not talking about that mention months back. A real mention of the game now. Thats what people want. News, news, news. Not just nothingness. That is why people are in there state now. That is why some but not all are asking about BL3 all the time. If you give us a hint or a taste of something i garantee that the asking and the begging will stop. If they do nothing it will continue and drive everyone up the wall.


Well I hope I am wrong.

I hope PC and xbox players who will buy a PS4 and PSVR and Borderlands 2 VR will buy the Handsome Collection as well so that we can play. :grin::grin:


Yeah I understand but if they happened to show or say anything related to gameplay that they happen to change in the final game…well, we all know what happened to no man’s sky…

I don’t claim to know anything about the video game industry but I’d assume that would be a huge mess.

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Iam TRM,

I love all of the borderlands games. BL2 is still my favorite game ever.
I own a htc vive And love vr games.
Now you guys finaly bring out borderlands in vr and it is an ps only ?? :confused:
That realy sucks…
Will there be an steam release??
I realy whanna play this game,
But Not on a console :neutral_face:


Hey TRM,

Right now, we don’t have any announcements for additional platforms.


A hype boner, killed.

I was super excited for this, the mere moment I laid eyes on the trailer. I wanted the raw unadulterated power of being to dual wield with (almost) all the limiters off. Hold any weapon the game has. And aim anywhere. I was hyped, ready to throw my money at my screen with unrivaled ferocity, even as a pre-order.

And then I find out it’s only for PS4 VR.

And then the sound of a balloon, deflating. Air rushing out. Hype vanishing. Gone.

I can’t begin to state what disappointment I am feeling. I wanted my first steps into VR to be of my favorite thing ever. Welp.


Are you #pcmr then? I mean, I have all three systems, Ps4, switch, and PC. And there’s no way in hell I’d ever play Borderlands on anything other than a PC.


Here are some of the details I mentioned in the article up on my site, but forgot to post them here.


In the Borderlands 2 VR trailer, there are a few brief moments where you can see that Salvador is wearing a special device on his arm ( this device can be seen in the screenshot in the gallery above ). At first, I thought this thing would allow you to use the BAMF-Time. As it isn’t present in all of the shots I assumed it was something you needed to collect throughout the game. Another theory was that it might be cool if all the class mods are now shown on your arms. However, this would mean that all the class mods needed to be redesigned into some kind of bracelet.

Actually, it is none of that. It’s essentially a fun new visual design element Gearbox decided to add in. This allows them to explain to the players that they now have the option to teleport to move in Borderlands 2 VR. It’s a new ECHO device called MOVER (Mobile Operations and Violence Enhancement Rig). This new Virtual ECHO comes with a teleportation device and will also help players know where the buttons are located on their controllers.


  • Moxxi introduction clip is from the Torgue DLC which is absent from Borderlands 2 VR.
  • The skills in Axton’s Skill Tree all have the same buff percentages.
  • Axton’s Skill “Able” which is in the “Guerrilla” skill tree also contains a BAMF-Time boost.
    • Damaging an enemy will increase your BAMF-Time with 0.25 seconds per level.
  • BAMF-Time displays a screen overlay effect around the edges of the screen which indicates the heightened sense of awareness.
  • While Gunzerking as Salvador you can aim each gun at different enemies.
  • Teleportation Beam contains a vault symbol.
    • (BL2 VR is playable with the move controllers and duals shock controllers)


Hey folks! Been a while! I saw the news about the VR port and also ran a poll on twitter to see what resources folks would like me to work on in prep for the release. The Skill Tree Builder got the most votes with interactive maps being a close second!

A few months back I was working on bringing forward the Skill Trees from every Borderlands game however it got put on the back burner while I focused all my spare time on some Destiny resources like the maps page.

Once I get back from MIGW I’m going to get back to working on this and @MentalMars and I are currently investigating what changes there are for the VR version. So look forward to it! :slight_smile:


Really excited to hear this game announced…then really disappointed it won’t support the aim controller. I hope this is changed, as it would easily be the best way to play the game. Game would be a day 1 purchase for me with aim support, without it I’ll maybe get it when it’s cheap in a sale down the line.

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I have multiple consoles as well. I just don’t want to get a VR peripheral for something I rarely, if ever use. There is another reason, but I am not gonna say what that is.

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Dope Playstation Theme.