Borderlands 2 vr dlc hurry up

If you do these dlc packs, they’d better be free. The game already went up 30 dollars from its intended price before release. GIVE US THE DLC PACKS.

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Wow. You waited an entire three minutes before deciding your first thread wasn’t getting enough traction.


Have a look back at one from nearly a month ago. I’m sick of waiting to hear about it. Gearbox ■■■■■■ up the release of borderlands 2 vr take some criticism.

Taking some detail from your previous post, nobody made you pay $80 for a 7 year old game (not 7 years old until August but whatever), you chose to do so. If you were concerned about content, i’m sure you could have done some research first.


Yeah I looked it up endlessly. But unfortunately gearbox never bothered to tell us before the release.

Sorry to tell you, but while GBX will monitor certain threads for input (and likely this one), you will not receive direct communication from development here. Your criticisms have some validity - just know that GBX staff has very little (meaning, effectively no) active presence here, which is understandable.

Fair enough. I thought gearbox would have been very present here.

Gearbox staff do indeed read here - a lot. But they don’t post as much as they used to, for a variety of reasons.

That aside, there really is no reason for duplicate threads, so I have closed the other one.

Fair enough, was trying to annoy the devs. Didn’t intend to annoy community members.

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I doubt it. One very quick google presented me with an article from October 2018 stating that it would not include DLC, for example.


Not to mention:

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Odd I remember when BL2 released it was $60 yet you are saying it was $20? Where as I do think $50 is a big ask for an old game and one that doesn’t even have multiplayer by no means would I be mad if they changed for the dlc. If they charge for multiplayer thats another story entirely.