Borderlands 2 VR great Game but it can be so mutch better!

Hey Folks,

First of all, Boarderlands 2 VR on PSVR is on of my favorite Game for this System.
Its f… awesome👍
But there are so many “why’s” for me…

Why there is no Aim Support for this Mother of Shooters?
Why no DLCs?
Why i can’t Sprint?
Why i cant’t crouch?
Is that so hard to implement that default Shooter mechanics in VR?
Why no Multiplayer?
Why are the backwards controls so complicated?
Can be very tricky in heavy firefight.
Take a look at Skyrim PSVR after the Patch.(hold the secondary x Button)
And why all the Menü Screens are coverd from in ingame Graphic’s when i stand close to it?

I Hope the Game will be supported in the future!

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The Fact that the most posts here in this Forum remain unanswered, i’m not surprised.

Nobody cares… :+1:

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The GBX team does indeed read the posts here even though they do not respond directly. I don’t have any insight into GBX internal discussions, so I can’t comment on any of the issues you raised, other than that GBX is aware of them and does take player feedback into account.

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First of all…
Thank you for your answer👍

I understand, the can’t respond directly and everything , but many, or the most post from this PSVR Forum are more than 6 weeks old and there never answered by anyone.
And for a Full Price Game i’m actually expecting a little bit more communication with the Community.


I think it’s weird that there’s so little feedback about this game on here. Is that because VR isn’t that popular yet?

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Again, this is a forum, not support. Anyone who’s going to post here is a consumer like you and me.

I think that’s a safe bet. There are maybe 10 individuals in total who have posted VR stuff here?
Which basically answers this :

There are scores of people here that didn’t buy VR so have nothing to say on the matter.

has nothing to do with it. Don’t feel you’re entitled to more just because of how much you paid for it. I know what you’re talking about though so you don’t think I’m completely misunderstanding you.

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I’m not sure what the breakdown is, but the community is split between PS3, 360, PC/Mac/Linux, PS4, and XB1. So obviously PSVR is only a sub-set of a sub-set. Hence, community member communication is limited.

If you’re talking about GBX interaction with the community, there used to be more of that, but a very small minority of posters took that as an opportunity to pile on to GBX developers whenever some decision was made that they disagreed with (despite the GBX staff on the receiving end not having any say in said decisions.)

As a result, about the only posts you see are official announcements from the community managers. I will admit that, from a personal perspective, it’s disappointing to not have more interaction with GBX developers about their games, but I totally understand why that doesn’t happen any more. As Douglas Adams famously pointed out, “People are a problem.”


Aim support is definitely a thing that needs to be implemented and should have been here day 1. Why did they not do it? I can only think it was because the gunzerker however that is an easy workaround so still should have been done.

No dlc I’m not to mad about however I would love to see DLC put into this game and I’m even willing to pay for it again

Sprinting I dont think is a problem, turn your prefered movement speed up to fast and you should be good. Maybe this is just a personal opinion but I dont see a need for sprint (and move controllers dont have enough buttons for it)

Crouching its been a long time, if this deceases you chance to be seen its needed. If not then its not needed. As for wanting it so you can hide behind cover this is vr just put your head down.

I dont understand what you mean by default shooter mechanics. Are you talking about how odd the buttons are, are you talking about how there is no aim down site, or are you talking about how the bullets go every which way? Buttons are a problem, aim down site would be very nice but not mandatory, and the bullet spray needs to be in this game to make loot mean a dam.

Multiplayer is again another thing that needed to be here day 1. There is no way that it wouldnt be possible for this game since only 4 people are able to be together and hell you could mix servers with not vr bl2 would be pretty cool. As for the skills I love BAMF however just make that a solo thing. If you click single player the skill tree uses that, if you click multiplayer it uses the base BL2 skills.

Backwards controls are a big deal to me too. Jump is where reload is supposed to be, pick up items I would rather have be my power or grenades, ect ect. Custom controls is needed for this game now

Was the tricky in a heavy firefight meant to go with the controls complaint? If so ya controls need fixed, if not then thats just the fun of the game.

I have no idea what the skyrim thing you are referring to is

As the the menus there shouldnt be priority 1 or even close to it. You can either back up are re click or you can just turn your head away from it and the menu follows you after a point problem solved. This would be nice to get bug fixed at some point though but not a big deal.

Priorities Multiplayer is the first thing, game will die if its not put in soon and its stopping a lot of people from even wanting to buy it. God I hope you dont charge for it though will just put the nail in the coffin. After that is aim support and custom controls, then DLC and general bug fixes.

I’m very pleased with your VR options being able to change height and rotate your hands amongst other things I think need to be put into all VR games from now on. One problem with the height adjustment though is it seems to mess up where your pick up items line should be so it is slightly annoying to have to point it lower or higher instead of dead on. One other thing that needs changing is your ability needs to be targeting based off of your gun hands pointer not your move hands. I say this because the sirens ability is nearly impossible to hit whenever you try to hit someone because you dont know where your hand is pointing.

Please have BL3 day 1 vr support I just dont want to play any other way now.

Oh Sorry, I had thought this is the Official Gearbox Forum…

Sorry, thats no Option for me.
Do you mean, every Time i will Sprint, i have to change the settings?

I think ita a lot of fun Shoot out of cover specially in VR .

I mean sprint and crouch by simply push a Button.
I mean sometimes you crouch automatically, why not to this whenever you want?

Before Patch 1.4… whatever, Skyrim has the same backwards Controls like Borderlands and after the Patch you only have to hold the secondary x Button.

This is indeed the place to file general feedback, and check with other players about issues you may be having. Actual bug reports and complex technical issues should be reported through the official support channel.

If you are unable to handle fast movement for an extended period of time then I can see you wanting a run option. I still dont think its needed since you either get vr legs and like it or you dont and dont like vr but if they put it in I think the best option would be to double click the move button to sprint. Still dont think crouching is needed since you can just duck in real life to hide behind cover but I guess we each have our own opinion and way we play. To implement it they could have you hold the jump button to crouch would feel the most natural probably.

At this point, I wanted to say thank you for adding Aim Support! :+1:
At the moment, this is my absolut Favorit PSVR Game.
Now i hope the DLCs are also comeing🤘