Borderlands 2 VR is out today!

Borderlands2 VR is out now for PlayStation VR!

More info here: Borderlands 2 VR

If you run into any issues while playing, please fill out a support ticket at We also add a new subcategory under Borderlands 2:[VR] Borderlands 2 Technical Support.

Yesterday, there was a livestream on Twitch with two of the devs, Mario Rodriguez and Jacob Lavender. They were able to cover a few of the new things that players can look forward to, such as different movement options, BAMF time, and some of the handy customization options to make your VR experience not end in literal joy-puke!

You can watch those VODs today and beyond here: Twitch and YouTube.

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I’ll check it out… hopefully my meager Internet connection can handle it.

This is what I want to see in action.


VR - I suppose this is the state of VR at the moment, but the slop in those controls coming from kb/m :confused:. I can’t imagine playing an aggressive level in UVHM like this.

BAMF: handy!

Teleportation - fun!

Lefty Swap - you rock like that. :heart:

I watched yesterday’s Twitch feed. Gunzerking with independent left and right hands! :+1:

OMG PLEASE, please, please add the option to remove the crosshair. I would kill (lol) to actually have to aim.

Hm, well looking forward to this coming to PC.


Agreed! To PC, and also to Steam. Any estimates when that might happen, Gearbox?


One of them said in yesterday’s Twitch feed : “we’re looking into it”. I think that’s as much as you’ll get at this point.


Anyone know what the level cap is? 50? I’m working on adding support for the skill trees for my website. :eyes:

Just pushed up the Skill Trees to my website, including the changes for Borderlands 2 VR! Let me know what you think and post any comments to the development thread. :slight_smile: