Borderlands 2 vr, mayas phase lock ability

Hey all. I want to start by saying that I am loving the borderlands vr port. But has anyone else who has chosen maya as their character having trouble with her phase lock? I can never seem to get it to hit anyone.

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I’m having trouble with Maya’s ability as well, using the PS4 Move controllers. The phaselock appears wherever you point, but only at a fixed distance away. In regular BL2, it would go out as far as it could or until it hit an enemy. Making it work only at close range is a severe handicap for my sniper character.

Edit: Upon further testing, it’s not that simple. While the area of effect appears at a fixed distance, I was unable to lock enemies even when they were at the right distance. After a few more attempts, for seemingly no reason, phaselock started to work on enemies, both near and far. This was a temporary success, though, as subsequent attempts have begun to fail again as before, with the enemies remaining un-phases no matter how I aim.

It seems to alternate between two states, one where phaselock works as intended, and one where it fizzles out at a fixed point in space, whether an enemy is around or not.

The info below is incorrect please read edit for correction

Here is how her phaselock works in vr. The controller that controls youre movement and not your gun is the one that targets where it goes. As such it is very difficult to aim, since there is no indicator, and does need to be switch to the gun hand aiming. As for what James said it does not have limited range it only appears so when you miss which is easy to do. The problem is how hard it is to target something you want to hit other then that it works the same as in the base game.

Edit: Turns out the skill is based on head tracking and not the movement hand, my movement hand almost always follows where I am looking which is why I assumed it was the hand. 100% confirmed to be head tracking though and it is still terrible and should be based of your gun hand.

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Same here. Happens regardless of contoller. I have several video clips of the phaselock warping effect hitting the target and in front of and behind and nothing happens and then it randomly triggers while I’m just constantly throwing it.

I have the same issue the phaselock just dosent want to hit even when the orb is right on the enemy, just makes it frustrating.

Same issue.

Hi everyone, I spent some time playing around with this phaselock ability and discovered that for a successful phase lock, you need two things:

  • Your VR helmet needs to be aimed in the direction of the enemy
  • Your crosshairs must be on the enemy

Once those two things are achieved, tap the skill button (Left A on the vive) and boom, phaselock


That’s all fine and good but that cross hair on the Oculus Quest 2 is all not in the right spot so I had to turn it off. I may just start over and play a different character because I shouldn’t have to guess and wonder if my ability is going to work or not.