Borderlands 2 VR NOLOOT-Midgets

Everyone who reads this specialy Gearbox you forgot to give the Loot Midgets there Loot over 60 runs from the wildlife exploitation preserve and got nothing. Now all Loot Midgets are just annoying enemys that jump out of Containers. Normaly you are happy when you a get one now they are complete useless. As Borderlands 2 Vetran with over 1000h of Borderlands 2 im DISAPOINTED. Please Spread this Articel to Show Gearbox what they done wrong :face_vomiting:

Do you mean that they literally drop no items at all, or that the loot that drops is not high quality?

Also: I’m not sure what you mean by ‘spread this article’, but I can assure you that Gearbox devs do read this forum.

Just to be clear, you do realise that Midgets don’t guarantee any kind of loot, right? It isn’t unheard of for 60 runs to give nothing, just like it isn’t unheard of for 60 consecutive runs to give loot. I regularly get Midgets that drop nothing, not even the relics.

Long story short, I wouldn’t assume something is broken over such a small test sample.


Not that this isn’t worth a quick check of the LLM loot tables for integrity, but in case this turns into a data point for ‘players only like loot midgets for their rare drops’, I, for one, love the mechanic of their random spawns out of ammo chests (just rare enough to give us a sense of peace before they pop up in our face, and dangerous enough to be a problem if they catch us unaware), and would just as soon keep them in the game sans loot if it’s all the same to Gearbox.

Also remember that loot midgets’ drops (other than ammo) are practically nil in NVHM and TVHM. Isn’t the VR game limited to those two modes?


Is it the doctors order? Good thing they did not fix it in the VR version.

This. Legendary Loot Midgets are UVHM only. You can get stuff other than ammo, cash, and health from regular Loot Midgets in NVHM and TVHM, but you’re pretty much relying on the world drop loot pool. Which is easy to forget if it’s a long time since you last played in anything other than UVHM/OP levels!