Borderlands 2 VR - PC - VALVE INDEX - HTC VIVE issues

Unfortunately there are several issues with the PC version regarding the VALVE headset:

  • The ingame size and proportions are way to big, like “zoomed” in. As an additional result to feeling like a giant the HUD is stretched to the very corner of the screen almost unrecognizable.
  • No stereoscopic image, just a 2D image.
  • The INDEX controllers are not supported, unlike stated on the shop page until a few hours before release.
  • More controller options are favorable (free selection of buttons and actions).
  • More movement options are favorable (slow, normal, fast/sprint according to stick/pad position). Also movement according to the controller hand, as opposed to HMD orientation.
  • The optional crosshair is far off to the right.
  • Real scopes would be great.
    Please look into these issues, myself and a lot of people in the VR community are really bummed out right now because everyone was so hyped to enjoy this great game in VR again.
    Best regards,
    Matthias “Pelzgurke” Mueller

Yep it’s a 360° video game with a very small touch of stereoscopic 3D and the crosshair is off center.
Using a tool like Revive makes it 3D but the crosshair is still misplaced and I can’t access the menu or the inventory. I have a Valve Index too wich was advertised being compatible.
As I understand HTC Vive owners have those problems too.


Yep, I own on original HTC Vive, with Index Controllers. I have the same perspective issues. Looks like a flat game rendered in 3D (not VR) and everything is oversized (world and hands).


Same problem as everyone else with Vive/Index HMD’s


Bad feeling and immersion in the world
The game is pretty well optimized and the rendering is realy sharp. But, there are a massive problem with the scale of everything. Your hand look giant, and the world around you tiny.
It’s a really strange feeling i’v never experiencing before. Maybe we can rely this to the FOV or something like that. Guys you should do something and recognise the problem.
I’m thinking about a refound.



I know EXACTLY what the problem is.

The left lens is an exact copy of the right lens.

Close one eye and the perspective is perfect. The game actually looks good as far as I can tell. But im not playing a game like this with one eye closed the whole time.

All they have to do is patch it so that the lenses are two different camera angles. And wala problem solved.

I’ve seen issues like this in other VR games, but they were either extremely early games or they were demos.

This should be an easy patch to fix.


Can confirm the game works fine on Oculus Rift S… but not the other headsets.

Friends of mine tested the game on 5 different VR headsets, and here is a video of the results.

You need to sort this ASAP gearbox.


Yep, can confirm for me as well on OG Vive - the left eye is the same as the right eye as seen in Steam VR’s headset view.


So, for anyone that has ever posted here before with issues…how long with no response do we wait until we give and realized they don’t give a damn?


I have the issue that the game doesn’t recognise that I have controllers at all. Tried both normal and revive (with occlus). The game boots with me looking at the virtual controllers in my hands, then they disappear when the game starts. It does see the pressing of buttons, but no wands.


VIVE PRO player here. EVERY VIVE PLAYER IS COMPLAINING about these critical issues

THESE ARE THE MOST CRITICAL THAT NEED TO BE SOLVED (using revive fixes these two but breaks the controls and is unplayable with those controls)

  • The entire WORLD SCALE in the game is wrong, everything is giant including my hands.
  • The game looks like a giant 360 flat video instead of real 3D. (Gameplay video where you can see how both images are the same )

These can improve the game a LOT!

  • Movement direction to the controller hand, as opposed to HMD orientation.
  • Allow to aim with the Real scopes would be awesome
  • Real scopes would be great.
  • Please add movements with the VR Controls to reload and throw Grenades


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Hey gang!
Just pushed a new build to help address the Vive distortion issue. Please let us know if you are still experiencing scale distortions, fish eye, near/far inverse scaling, etc… (The fix to the distortion should also address your crosshair issue as a side effect.)

Please do note that this build only addresses the vive rendering issue. We are still looking into the other issues.

Go grab it and let us know!


Tank you Burleson for putting in the effort on the weekend. Will check as soon as I am home tomorrow.

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Update is working good for me, with index hmd and vive wands. Crosshairs are good now, rendering is fixed. Thanks and keep up the good work! This game could be one of the best VR games with the right options added.

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Thanks! In another thread, please let us know what the effect is that you’d like an option to do. We shipped with butt load of options, but we might have needed to do a better job on educating what all of them do.

Before other people pipe in, yes yes, you can bind actual jump to your controller. Hope you don’t get sick, but we included it for those who like that sort of thing

Thanks for your effort. It’s a shame that the game was not tested on VIVE before its release and that you were entitled to ratings so negative. Maybe I will give a second chance and buy it another time.


Burleson can you let us know if there are chances for further tweaks? Like controller orientated movement , improved scopes or two handed weapon handling?
Or maybe, just maybe, VR for BL3 in the pipes?

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We are cataloging and prioritizing tweaks and fixes largely based on volume of demand and severity. The usual process is that over some period of time we accumulate as many fixes as we can and then send it over to QA to verify that all the fixes worked and we didn’t accidentally add any issues. Fully testing a VR game the size of Borderlands 2 VR is very very time consuming, so it’s hard to do a lot of little patches. (This Vive Patch basically removed almost all the safeguards in favor of getting it out to all of you ASAP. 2K did a great job reacting as fast they could.)

I can tell you that we aren’t going to add two handed weapon handling to all the characters. That’s kinda the entire point of Salvador (Gunzerker), so if you want to sling two guns, he’s your man!

Thank you for the insight in the QA process.
With “two handed weapons” I meant not akimbo/dual wielding, but having to hold the weapon at the barrel with the left hand to stabilize instead of pressing the left trigger.
Nevertheless I acknowlede that BL2 is an old game not developed with VR in mind so these kind of implementations are just wishful thinking from my side.

Yep, can confirm that my 3D perspective issue is fixed, thank you all so much for your quick work on this.

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