Borderlands 2 was notoriously unbalanced/ OP builds.... but it was still beloved

I guess that’s where I’m confused the most.

So far even before all this absurd weekly nerfing spree, none of the BL3 builds came even close to how OP Sal was in BL2.

None of the characters at end game had as much discrepancy as Axton did with Sal. (For the record Axton was my main in BL2 even end game , so love the guy)

Yet for some bizarre reason GBX isnt ok with being OP or having build and character tiers in BL3.

Clearly, numbers dont lie : BL2 is a classic. Sold millions. Still actively played to this day (hell I STILL play it even after BL3 came out )

So why is GBX all of a sudden NOT ok with their tried and true formula ? Ia this just people’s personal real world politics about "muh diversity " being shoe horned into a make belief fantasy game where characters dont take fall damage and can create items out of thin air (among many many other completely unrealistic things)

I dont get it. Why mess with something that is beyond any reasonable doubt or debate an extremely successful formula?

Any any one who defends the "build diversity " and “balance” GBX is going for , did you not enjoy Borderlands 2? I’m assuming you were a fan all this time of that game


This, I like how you can come up with fun builds without being destroyed for not using the so called meta.

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Who says they were ok with the way Sal was OP? There wasn’t really a fix for holding 2 different guns without totally changing him. Sal’s ability to be broken couldn’t be fixed by a simple number change.

I don’t think they were ok with Sal because with Nisha and dual wielding you could not hold different guns. Holding 2 different guns was broken and they fixed it.

I’ve also heard they were ok with OP things because of B0re but b0re was an engine level thing that they addressed in this game because they were not ok with it.

Maybe borderlands was so successful due to other things and this was a limiting factor. I loved borderlands 2 but it was not and is not flawless. Balance was one thing that for its entire lifespan was an issue and chased people away. People constantly complained about not only skills but also guns not being balanced.

They are working to improve a very heavily criticized part of the game, like they have for some many other aspects.


I think they are doing a pretty good job at balancing. My characters still feel plenty strong after the changes. You gotta remember this isn’t Borderlands 2 and this game has barely started it’s life cycle just give it some time.


Loved BL2. Still think balance and build diversity is superior to one or two items that make everything else obsolete, characters that are vastly better than other ones, etc.

It’s not an either or thing. BL2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Doesn’t mean I want the exact same experience and issues in BL3.

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Yeah I was promised more Borderlands and no live service ■■■■■■■■.

Look where we are now.

Mayhem is coming! Until we nerf it…

Boredomlands 3 has more in common with Destiny than BL2


I dunno man, I preferred TPS, didn’t have one healthsteal pistol trivializing entire skilltrees, or the Bee suddenly making the game 5x easier.


Totally agree about the Bee. Probably the single worst item ever as the entirety of UVHM was balanced around it at the expense of everything else. That’s why UVHM in TPS was so much better IMO

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Completely agree , pre nerf is what those gun suppose to be. That pile of nerf affect 75% of all my item , am i suppose to throw away everything and refarm my character with buffed guns?

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So what does real world politics have to do with builds and some being OP?

Forced diversity. I hate how diversity is now a dirty word in my mind. I associate it with style over substance , skin color over merit , what’s between your legs over what’s between your ears .

But to answer your question : anytime I see what I perceive as illogical decisions made and reason given is “diversity”. I just immediately think “far left”


You mean in representation of different kinds of people, and not build diversity, yes? I’m not misconstruing your point? (Just want to be absolutely sure before anyone goes down that road…)

No. If it happens naturally and organically it’s great, but if you have candidate A and candidate B and candidate A is the better choice but due to “diversity quotas” and such nonsense you are obliged to select candidate B so you can check a box .

And before you say “that doesn’t happen” , it does. I work in defense contracting and we have to give subcontract awards to “woman owned” companies even though we know other candidates are way better.

It is what it is, but a generation from now when we are behind other nations that dpnt pander to this nonsense dont wonder why


It’s honestly no different for BL3… create all the pieces and let then fall where they fall. Obviously broken things like the pipe bomb it’s fine because it such a blatant outlier it’s clear it was a glitch, but builds etc let the players decide. Why artificially force things?


I’m not denying it happens, it certainly does. And I’ve heard plenty stories like the one you mentioned. Part of it is reverse discrimination of course. As for the game, it’s just previously, someone was saying diversity was “being shoved down (their) throat”. I completely agree that it needs to be organic, it’s just a lot of people seem to freak out at the slightest suggestion of anything but what they consider “normal” or “political”. And as for nerds, they should have started legendaries weaker and then buffed them as needed. People hate it when you take things away from them. Had they started weak and then buffed them, gearbox would be getting praised instead of bashed.


I would say B0re was not OP. It was only on a few enemies (Hyperius, Bnker, Saturn (hard to do) and some constructors. That was more of a multiple hitbox problem if you ask me.

But Sal getting the offhand glitch from weapons applied to every single enemy in the game. Using a ladyfist, or grog for the passive effect while using a powerful weapon in the other hand to get the benefits of both. Or using the pimpernel with a torgue rocket launcher.

But this doesn’t have anything to do with diversity in the game. Diversity in the game is multiple characters and weapons being able to be used with similar results. The Bee and pipe bomb have already been mentioned as things that made the games more dependent on those type of things. “Broken” items to an extent.

Diversity in the game doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s the point of having multiple vault hunters and multiple legendaries. If the game was released with the type of balance they are trying to create no one would complain imo. I think long term things will be better than when they started personally.

I’m not talking about obviously broken things like the pipe bomb. I’m talking about a build being great and others not as much, so you purposely handicap it to bring it down .

Just throw the pieces and let them land where they land.

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The goals of both are the same though. It’s to encourage multiple styles of valid play. Just like the goal of changing a ridiculously overpowering weapon is to make other weapons valid.

If you’re saying let things land where they land why change the pipe bomb and not tinker with skills that are having unintended consequences?

The pipe bomb is a glitch. Fix glitches.