Borderlands 2 will not save data in OSX

Borderlands is not saving my game data and returns me back to Cleaning up the Burg no matter how far I get. Steam cloud is turned off. I have uninstalled the game and still, nothing.
This is a great game, but completely unplayable.

Have you defeated Captain Flynt and traveled with Claptrap to the next area and gotten to the next autosave point? If not, I am pretty sure you will restart the game from Liar’s Berg. The game uses and autosave, and the autsave points at the beginning of the game are far apart.

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Just to clarify, did you get past Captain Flynt and travel to the next map (Three Horns Divide), or did you save and quit before then? Did you hand in “Cleaning Up…” to Sir Hammerlock before save-quitting?

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