Borderlands 2 Won't Connect To The Internet

Yeah. NAT’s open. That was the first thing I checked. Lol

I don’t have multiple accounts.

But are y’all in the Preview Program? I’m beginning to think that has something to do with it. I can’t sign into party chat or play Titanfall at all.

I don’t have multiple accounts and I wasn’t in the preview program, there’s only one profile on my console.

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I’m having the same problem. I’ve been able to connect with matchmaking maybe 5 times since launch. Real upsetting since multiplayer is the best aspect to this game. Can we not get any info for a fix. Just to give us an update will make most of us happy but until then we will sit in the dark wondering if this issue is even a priority to fix

Same problem here too. NAT is Open, have installed/reinstalled game, have cleared cache, no dice.

Come on Gearbox, please patch this. I can’t play like this.

Looks like nothing has been done about it. I just ran into this problem today and I’ve had no problems with it until now. I played fine yesterday and now all of a sudden, this happens. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled, unplugged my xbox, cleared the cache, made sure it wasn’t my internet and still nothing. Is this never going to be fixed? Would really like to get back into playing, if it’s not let me know now so I can uninstall and move on.

this is still an issue!

Was this ever resolved ?

Was it fixed? I have the same problem now:expressionless:

Seeing as this was 2015, I am now dealing with this. Was playing all fine last night while leveling up a buddy on TPS and went to go into bl2 and got this message. I’ve tried everything and yet still says it’s on my end. This is ridiculous gearbox.

If it happens again, have the host switch their network settings to “Private” then switch back. Then try inviting/joining again.

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Having the same issues all of a sudden. Just renewed my Xbox live and it’s not working for some reason. I wanted to use my shift codes but I keep getting this error message. What is the fix?

Same problem as the OP with the same error message, or simply that you can’t connect on-line with friends (but can connect to a random public game)?

this lists several of the workarounds, they will work about 95% of the time

So today is the day Borderlands 2 came out for Xbox Games With Gold and I was pumped to get an awesome game for free. Sadly the connection is still an issue. I tried everything to no avail. Hats off to Gearbox, great job.

So what I did was reset my 360 information on my xbox one, as if I never had an Xbox 360. I had never played BL2 so it didn’t mean anything and it resolved it. I don’t think I would recommend it if you want your save files though.

Can you clarify what you mean by this? Do you mean you deleted your profile, or combined game/save folders, or… ? It would be helpful if you could do that, just in case someone else drops by with the same problem.

This fix worked for me. On dashboard go to all settings then system then storage then clear local Xbox 360 storage

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Thanks! I guess that allows the game to properly re-sync cloud data when the game is restarted afterwards?

Alright so, if anyone is still having a problem with this

You have to hit both select and start to open the 360 menu and then try to sign in to your profile from there, and it might say you need to redownload that profile, say, if you changed your password for your account at some point, just download it again from the same menu and it should work no problem

Locked to avoid further potential confusion, since the first half of the thread is referring to the Handsome Collection XB1 issues, while the last few posts related to the backwards-compatible 360 version on XB1.