Borderlands 2 Won't Connect To The Internet

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This fix worked for me. On dashboard go to all settings then system then storage then clear local Xbox 360 storage

BL2 xbox one for xbox 360 backwards compat. online not working
[PSA] Using 360 Saves In Backwards Compatible BL2 on XB1
Borderlands 2 problems
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Thanks! I guess that allows the game to properly re-sync cloud data when the game is restarted afterwards?

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Alright so, if anyone is still having a problem with this

You have to hit both select and start to open the 360 menu and then try to sign in to your profile from there, and it might say you need to redownload that profile, say, if you changed your password for your account at some point, just download it again from the same menu and it should work no problem

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Locked to avoid further potential confusion, since the first half of the thread is referring to the Handsome Collection XB1 issues, while the last few posts related to the backwards-compatible 360 version on XB1.