Borderlands 2 Won't Launch from Steam

When ever I try to launch the game the “title” screen come ups where I can click play and it disappears then nothing else happens. It just won’t launch the game it’s self.

Seems like a lot of folks on PC are bypassing the launcher and launching the .exe file directly (search this section for examples/details). You might want to give that a shot.

Okay thank you

Actually for Steam you can right click the icon in the tray and launch from there. The default is that launching that then launches the desktop launcher.



This sounds a bit like this :

The latter part of that post is for disabling the desktop launcher. This thing :

(Wrong game :man_shrugging:). It for the most part is pointless, but it does allow you to check the game settings without actually launching it. Number one : make sure your resolution is at max and not 600x400 or “undefined”.

counts how times times the word “launcher” is used in post. Thinks, too many