Borderlands 2 world explorer trophy

Having trouble with the Explorer trophy on borderlands 2 ps4 all maps clear all side and main missions done no trophy or is this a trophy glitch done it with four characters and nothing plaese help

There’s an area that’s very easy to miss in Eridium Blight, underneath the road from the fast travel near the gates you go through on your way to Heroes Pass. If it isn’t that one, then you’ll need to go to each map in turn, and check the outlines in the large map in your inventory very carefully. There should be a continuous solid line (or hatch marks) around the entire map, as well as any “holes” on the interior.

also Sawtooth cauldron , where you jump off a corner of the Buzzard nest

Thanks - I knew I was forgetting at least one. Is that the one down to the camp-ground?

yes, it is. I missed it my first time through and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get that achievement. took a little bit to find it didn’t show up to well on the map

OK, so OP can easily check for that since IIRC there’s a map BAR challenge for finding it.

Thx for the replies but got them all

Where do u mean

Challenge is “Happy Camper: Find Avie’s hidden campsite” You can either look it up on YT or the @CountKarloff’s Loot Maps. It’s a small plateau nestled in between some peaks, below one corner of the platform where you get the explosives for the main story, and the only way to it is to jump down.

Been there