Borderlands 3 2019 DLC roadmap revealed

2 Free DLC packs followed by the first paid story expansion


Looks like the season 1 DLC is going to be much further apart than Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 got it’s first 2 paid DLC packs in 2012, just 1 and 2 months after release respectively. We’re only getting the first of 4 paid story DLC’s for Borderlands 3 in 2019, and it looks like it might not release until December.

damn. so i hope to see halloween themed stuff

My Pets better get costumes or I riot.

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Question is how far out these timeline goes. It covers Halloween it seems with the Bloody Harvest but nothing for Thanksgiving or Xmas

“Fall/Winter” could mean anything up to about March. My guess would be Maliwan Take-down is either Thanksgiving (but too close to Halloween?) or Christmas, which would put the first DLC some time in the new year. But that is literally just my guess.

I’m like 84% sure that we’ll get all of this before Thanksgiving and 99% sure it’ll be before Christmas. If it was after Christmas I expected a Mercenary Day event to have also been listed.

Will we see a zombie Roland chillin’ with zombie TK Baha?

I kind of hope Pandora blows up.

Well, it says 2019 Fall-Winter, not 2019-2020 Fall-Winter, so I am assuming that we will probably see Bloody Harvest in October for Halloween, Maliwan Takedown in November, and the first paid story DLC in December. But yeah, the wait could be even longer for the first paid story DLC.

Technically winter would be Jan-March, so unless Gearbox have access to a Tardis I don’t think we’ll be getting anything in Jan-Mar 2019!

My line of thinking is that 2019 Fall-Winter means this is the DLC schedule for September-December 2019. Then in December they will release a 2020 Winter-Spring roadmap that covers January-March. Also, a Gearbox producer told a streamer back at Gamescom that they would be releasing the DLC calendar for the first 90 days at PAX, 90 days would be from September 13 to December 12th.

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I hope Bloody Harvest has Scooter come back in as a ghost, in a sick ghost car after doing his thirteenth lap around the sun


Actually I could see Scooter complaining about being there as a zombie or ghost instead of being out there in the afterlife with a bunch of naked angels in an overtuned monster truck…


Along with TK baha…

I was right, Bloddy Harvest is October, Maliwan Takedown is November, and Paid DLC 1 is December.

Gearbox seems more generous with this new Borderlands :smile: