Borderlands 3 88500000 error

Hey folks

I’m getting this message when i try and start the game, any suggestions?2019-09-13%2009_23_44-Window

Check this thread for a possible solution - last post:

Also found this in another thread:

Hey so updated the Epic client and it seems to be working now!


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How do you update epic client, please?

Hey there. It asked for update when i enabled logging. Maybe try getting the latest installer from the epic website

I have tried almost everything… I just want to play the game.

I have reinstalled the epic launcher, made sure it was updated, verifiyed the game about 10 times.

I have been able to even luanch the game, havent seen a pop up or anything, it just show the Exe in task manager, but nothing happens.


That’s the Denuvo DRM failing to resolve it’s check-in server’s name in DNS. It could be an issue with DNS, firewall, or your Epic client needs updating. Merging you into a relevant thread…

—done. See the posts above for possible solutions. If you continue to experience issues, I would suggest trying Epic support first. If that doens’t work out, you can file a support ticket with GBX/2K.

Hi iv got 88500006 error massege

I just update my epic game lanucher, reinstalled it 2 times, donwload game 2 times
pls just help me

This game is trash, get a refund.

Its a one big joke that game tbh

Merged you into the relevant support thread. If the linked article suggestions don’t work, first stop would be Epic support (since this is basically the Denuvo DRM interacting with their client). If that doesn’t help, GBX/2K support can be reached via the link a few posts up.

Got the same problem i couldn’t fix it so contacted epic they told me this (trying it right now)


I have the same error. Trying all from this and another sources. Nosing helps, maybe somesing else?

If you’ve tried all the options listed above without success, you’ll need to file a support ticket. Basically, something in your setup is preventing the Denuvo DRM software from validating your game.

had the same problem just went to library clicked on the dots next to game name and hit verify

this error keep happening to me.


How can i fix it

i can event uninstal borderlands 3 of verify…

It looks like the Epic launcher is failing an authentication or sign in step. In the first instance, I would suggest contacting Epic support since they are more likely to know what error the launcher is running in to (and why you are unable to uninstall or verify the game).

Also, I hope that password in the screen shot is encrypted, but I’m going to delete it out of your post as a precaution.

Only other thing I can think of right now is to check that Windows Defender, anti-ransomware, 3rd party antivirus or MalwareBytes are not somehow blocking things.

the profile is encrypted so

and thank you I’ve tried to get help from epic games but no answer from epic games… and im still trying everything to repair it