Borderlands 3: A Playstation Power-Leveling Thread

This is something that will inevitably be brought up so let’s start a dedicated thread devoted entirely to it, eh? You can post whether you want to be power-leveled, can help others with power-leveling, or a little of both. Don’t forget your ID so people can find you! (or message it between each other so you don’t get spammed, lol)

Let’s get the mayhem started!

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The Xbox thread is getting a fair bit of attention so I’ll go ahead and bump this to make sure people get the chance to do this on PS4.

I’m available to help Power-level people, but I’ll probably be grinding bosses while I do it so fair warning. I’m also lookin’ to get my second characters boosted for anyone willing to help on that front. Go ahead and message me either here or on PSN with what you’re lookin’ for.

PSN ID: Zethren527

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I would be on board for it. I need to get my Moze to 50. Currently 33

I’m on board I need some leveling help

I could use a good power leveling

What times are you free monday?

I can help anybody who needs to reach level 65, I will be farming bosses so if it’s your first playthrough , be aware of that.
Psn Id : Unforgiven__10

Definitely a necropost, but can someone give me a boost? Working on my fourth character right now and am not looking forward to the time it takes to get to 65.

PSN - St_Jimmy

If you’re around Thursday I should be able to help you out. PSN is lukman4068. Takes maybe 15 minutes to unlock your artifact slot and boost you up to 65. @St_Jimmy

This thread still active? I lost my flak and I’d like to get a quick power level to 72 if possible
Thanks in advance
Psn: Aatma_the_crow

May be able to help out… atleast a bit, already have you on my list btw
Usually available between 6-10 pm PST… most times on weekends shall work too


Looking some of my level 50 VH’s to 72. Willing to return the favor. Just let me know!

Looking for someone who can powerlevel my Fl4k to 72, got him at 32 right now but i would greatly appreciate the help.

PSN: JustBlaze1987

Do you still need help?

If ANYBODY is willing to level me up… Please Hit Me Up. I have a 35 Zane I want to get to 72 as soon as possible. I’m running some campaign right now though. Just takes For… Ever…

PSN - RavenMocker_86


Sure thing, mate! Add me!

Oh darn. I must’ve just got off before you hit me up. I’ll definitely add you when I get off work today. Thanks for helping me bro. I really don’t want to go through the grind again. Lol

I’m down to help too, slaughtershaft rounds are unbelievably quick. I’ll be online in about 4 hours

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Thanks for the offer guys, but one of my buddies already helped. I appreciate it though.

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I’m interested in helping power leveling while farming for the Dlc3 Amara head, and would love to get my moze from 0 to hero. You can message me LenaC_Fox