Borderlands 3 Achievement/Trophy List?

Typically about a week prior to game launch the achievement/trophy list gets posted online. Has it popped up anywhere yet?

Also, anyone know if they will actually have the trackers working this time? By that I mean if an achievement has you kill X number of X enemy types the achievement/trophy shows that you have complete X percentage towards its completion.


I’m waiting very patiently for the cheevos also. I know will post them almost immediately so I’ve been checking there regularly.

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Talk to Claptrap
Collected 139.399 Brown Rocks
Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
Pilfer Lost Staff of Mount Schuler
Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
Dance, Dance, Baby



LOL. I would absolutely love to see those as achievements. Those would be the best easter eggs in achievement history.

How in the world have these not been revealed yet? Hopefully we’ll get them very soon. Review/preview copies are out now, so hopefully one of the critics/Youtubers/streamers is a TrueAchievements or TrueTrophies user so that the True system can pull the achievements/trophies from their profiles.

Just trying to see if anything beyond difficult for the completion

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It’s wild how the achievements haven’t been shown yet

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Well, the devs only sent out a PC review build of the game, and I guess Epic Store doesn’t have an achievement system like the other platforms. So the only way we’re getting achievements before release is if Gearbox announces them, or if a retailer breaks the street date, and somebody that got one of those early leaked copies has a TrueAchievements or TrueTrophies account, the True system is capable of pulling achievement/trophy data for unreleased games from the profile of a user if they play the game early.

I’m not worried about anything being too difficult. Just curious what achievements will be there. I like knowing prior to release.

Or… Their arent any trophies!!! :scream::scream:


Hi, since than Epic games have not implemented achievements on his store (maybe in the future) you can get the typical badass points in game, example >> kill bandits, fire damage, kill robots , etc,etc.


Looks like it’ll be an easy 1000 GS or Platinum trophy, don’t see anything on that list that looks particularly challenging, just time consuming.

Wonder why they made the discover all named locations on Athenas achievement secret? Gearbox officially announced Athenas and showed footage from the planet in trailers, there’s nothing to spoil. Unless that secret map location achievement is for the rumored 5th planet, and Athenas just doesn’t have a map location achievement for whatever reason.

That is probably for the “Eridian” planet and that also confirms my fear since the start that Athenas isn’t a whole planet but only a side location. Another giveaway is in the very scarce Athenas gameplay, the map location shows as simply Athenas unlike say Promethea where you have Meridian Complex or Electra City, I hope I’m wrong.

Yeah, unfortunately it’s looking like Athenas is very small, like small enough that you only gain about 2 levels while there. Originally I was under the impression that the planet order was Pandora > Promethea > Eden-6 > Athenas > rumored 5th planet. However, it seems that is not the case.

We know that we leave Pandora around level 8 to 10 depending on how many side quests you do. We know that we go to Promethea next because we saw that in a video. The Promethea gameplay demo from the reveal event was level 10 and we know there is a level 13 boss on Promethea. However, according to a first 5 bosses video I watched, there is a boss on Athenas at level 14, between the 2 bosses on Promethea.

So now it looks like the order is this:

Pandora: Level 1-10
Promethea: Level 10-13
Athenas: Level 13-14
Promethea 2nd visit: Level 14-18 or higher (we know the 2nd Promethea boss is level 18, but there might be more after him)
Eden 6: Level ??-22 or higher (we’ve seen level 22 Eden 6 gameplay in the Gamescom demo, so we know that Eden 6 goes up to at least level 22)

So yeah, our only hope of Athenas being big is if there is a 2nd visit to the planet later on. One critic said that the 1st playthrough ends at level 40, so it seems like there is quite a bit left after Eden-6. We’ve heard there might be a 5th planet, the Eridian homeworld, but I doubt there are over 10 levels of content on that planet. Maybe you revisit all of the earlier planets at some point in the story? Maybe there are actually 6 planets?

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@ZephanUnbound Yes, from the ingame map it looks like Athenas is about the size of a normal Borderlands map, like Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

I mean we can’t say for sure but till now I really wonder how BL3 is supposed to be bigger. If the planet maps on the Borderlands website are right and every planet has like only 3 maps the size of The Droughts/Ascension Bluff that is in no way bigger.

Yes they’re not small but given that Borderlands always had pretty big hub maps(Arid Badlands, Rust Commons, Hunters Grotto) + dozen of smaller maps makes me really wonder.

I’m also getting the vibe that main missions have to be waaaay longer or you don’t get an achievement for every single one, seeing how there are only 3 achievements for Promethea quests and 2 for Eden-6.

Makes me wonder if the area with the first Vault and/or the outskirts of Promethea is even a playable area.

I also think that the Eridian planet will be more like the last stretch of the game like Eridium Blight + Heros Pass.

And it’s pretty much given that we will return to the Planets(or at least Pandora) seeing as neither the Headstone Mine-looking area, the Oil facility seen in several vids or the carnival like area with the ferris wheel and probably the arena for the skeleton robot are in the first 2 maps on Pandora.

Sorry if this sounds super negativ, just writing down some thoughts and I’m pretty tired atm.

No platinum for me this time either, soon as I spotted the “discover all named locations” ones. I’ve been playing BL2 5 years and haven’t got those, organically anyway, I’m sure they’re easy to get following a guide to balls to that.

I think my BL2 trophies are glitched though, I’ve revived loads of friends hundreds of times from FFYL, the trophy has never popped.

The trophy list looked fine til seeing they’ve done the location ones again, I genuinely cannot be bothered reading guides to find pointless little areas to tick off a list, it’d doubtless take hours and hours even working out where you HAVEN’T been.

I thought they’d be a bit more quirky this time, reach level 2, 10, etc? They couldn’t get much more generic than that. Glad I’m not a trophy hunter or I’d skip this game, too time intensive a list.

You can fast travel anywhere, even map to map, and fast travel back to your vehicle. Will be alot easier to get the all location trophies than it was in Borderlands 2.

The location ones are fairly easy to get. There are a few areas that are hard to locate, but nothing super complicated. As for clearing everything BL2 is probably one of the easier games to get to 100%. I’m at 99% and that is onle because I haven’t done Zeros deception. I’ll eventually go back and clear it.

Don’t enemies just scle with your level? That shoud be what makes sense.