Borderlands 3 Action Skill Concept

Blink: When ready, the character gains three teleport charges. Each teleport will go around 10 feet.

No duration, each charge is used up instantly and after the three are used up, the cooldown will start.

Perks could possibly change how many teleports you have, like adding two more teleports, or lettng you only have one but gain a bonus for that one. Possibly having an explosion occur where you teleport to, or the teleport goes up to twice the distance.

This was originally supposed to be an entire character concept, but I couldn’t think up the entire thing.

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Nice idea!! I definitely think this should be an action skill for one of the characters in Borderlands 3!! Although, how would all the skill trees go? It would be hard to come up with mostly upgrades for the action skill (some of course being fire rate, reload speed, etc) Otherwise, great idea!!

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That’s actually the main reason I couldn’t come up with a complete character, I couldn’t figure out how the skill trees would work.

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I think that there would typically be two purposes for blinking: to close the distance on foes, or to reach hard-to-get areas and set up shop sniping. So in my mind the three trees would focus on:

  1. Action skill improvement
  2. Close-range combat (skills that improve melee as well as functionality with shotguns and SMGs)
  3. Long-range combat (skills that focus on functionality with sniper and assault rifles)

There would, of course, also be your generic boosts sprinkled in there as well.

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Ah, ok. I could possily try and make up the skill trees if you want :slight_smile: Just for a suggestion anyway

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I have one done, here it is lemme know what you think :slight_smile:

Teleportation Tree

Escape-0/5 Increase the maximum blinking distance by 1 yard
1/5=1 yd 2/5=1.5 yd 3/5=2 yd 4/5=2.5 yd 5/5=3 yd

Magic Baby-0/5 When you blink near enemies, you have a 15% chance to inflict a random elemental ailment on them
1/5=15% 2/5=20% 3/5=25% 4/5=30% 5/5=35%

Run, Run, RUN!!!-0/5 When you blink, your moovement speed is increased by 10% for 5 seconds
1/5=10% 2/5=15% 3/5=205 4/5=25% 5/5=30%

Make It Rain-0/5 If you blink to within 5 yards of enemies, your fire rate is increased by 10% for 15 seconds
1/5=10% 2/5=20% 3/5=30% 4/5=40% 5/5=50%

Quick Heal-0/1 When you blink, regen 30% of your health.
You can do this every 5 minutes

Your Mine-0/5 When you blink within 7 yards of enemies, you have a 5% chance to have them fight for you for 20 seconds (they ARE able to revive you from FFYL, but only once per enemy)
1/5=5% 2/5=10% 3/5=15% 4/5=20% 5/5=25%

DIIIIEEE!!!-0/1 When you blink, you deal 40% increased damage for 60 seconds if you are above half health

Explosion, explosions-0/1 When you blink into enemies, you release 3 consecutive explosive blasts which deal damage based on your level

Duuupiiiiing!!!-0/1 When you blink near a badass or above enemy, (does NOT include bosses) you have a 7% chance to have the same gun you have equipped drop.

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Interesting, I like it.

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Thanks, it took a while to make lol. I’ll try to make the other two as well sometime today.

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What do you mean??

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That exact concept of “Blink” was the main “Action Skill” in the first Dishonored game, like exactly.

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Ah, ok I didn’t know that.

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Heres Another One: :slight_smile:

Close Range Combat Tree
Bullets fer Days!!!-0/5 When you blink, your fire rate with SMGs and shotguns is increased by 35% for 30 seconds. 1/5=7% 2/5=14% 3/5=21% 4/5=28% 5/5=35%

Chopper-0/5 When you blink, your melee attack does 250% more damage for 15 seconds
1/5=50% 2/5=100% 3/5=150% 4/5=200% 5/5=250%

Ring of Knives-0/1 When you blink near enemies, you release a ring of knives that deals damage based on your level

SPEEEEDY MELEEEE!!!-0/5 When you blink into within 5 yards of enemies, your melee attack speed is increased by 75%
1/5=15% 2/5=30% 3/5=45% 4/5=60% 5/5=75%

Sniped!!-0/1 When you blink to at least 15 yards away from enemies, your damage with snipers is increased by 100% for 30 seconds (this one needs a little editing/specific coding, otherwise people would be op forever)

BOOM!!!-0/5 When you blink near enemies, your damage with rocket launchers is increased by 50% for 25 seconds
1/5=10% 2/5=20% 3/5=30% 4/5=40% 5/5=50%

Auto-sniper-0/1 When you blink away from enemies, your fire rate with snipers is increased by 100% for 20 seconds

SHOTGUN RAIN-0/1 When you blink to within 5 yards of enemies, your shotgun blasts will be spread shots for 3 clips and each shot does 25% increased damage (still active if you go into FFYL)

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